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How to have the best solo UK getaway on a budget

Solo getaways are a great chance to enjoy your own company and have some freedom in choosing what you want to do whilst you’re away.

However, it may be harder to plan as you’re left to your own devices, especially when it comes to budgeting.

There may be plenty of thoughts in your mind that will make you question if a solo break is worth it and here, you’ll find out that it most definitely is!

If you want some help on how to have the best solo break on a budget, carry on reading to find out how you can, whilst staying in a range of holiday parks situated in the UK.



Book early

If you’re travelling on your own, a great tip is to book your accommodation and activities you want to partake in early, whilst avoiding public and school holidays.

Booking early also helps to cut costs, as most of the time, costs are higher when the date is closer to the time you want to travel.

You can begin your holiday fully prepared, whilst avoiding any disappointment and you might even find some deals on your holiday provider’s website to cut costs even further.

Then, you can start the rest of your holiday preparation, creating less stress for the trip that awaits you!


What do you pack?

If you’re staying in a holiday park, many accommodation options are set with modern utilities that can help you to cook – whilst you’re away, cooking will definitely help to cut costs.

Depending on your food habits, you can pack enough food from home, so you’re prepared for the whole trip.

Then, you have the option to cook, and on the occasion treat yourself to a lovely meal out!


Meet people

At holiday parks around the UK, there will be many other people enjoying a break too, so you have an opportunity to make new friends!

Not only are you meeting great people, but you could share cooking roles by inviting them over for dinner and vice versa.

You can enjoy each other’s company, whilst cutting costs, which goes the same for any group activities that you could enjoy together.

Although, this isn’t necessary if you just want to enjoy some ‘me time’!


Simple hacks

In your accommodation at your chosen holiday park, there are some small things to remember that could make a big difference if you’re a caravan owner – not only to cut costs, but to help the environment!

When you leave your accommodation, or certain utility items just aren’t in use – remember to turn their switches off.

You could even bring your own lamp for a softer and cheaper use of lighting when you’re relaxing after a day of adventures.

With other small changes to make, you could save money that you can spend on a fun activity whilst away!

And for even less utilities to think about, why not try solo camping? It’s an unforgettable experience!

With a variety of tips to have an enjoyable solo holiday, where will be the first place you use these budget-friendly hacks?



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