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How to have the best solo valentines day

The day of love is nearly upon us. Yes, that’s right, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For some people this is great news and for others not so much. There can be a stigma that if you’re not in a relationship then Valentine’s Day isn’t as special, and we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Valentine’s Day is mainly centred around couples and showing love to each other. Whilst this is normal and it can be lovely to show someone else close to you your appreciation, you should be able to show yourself just as much love for that special day.

But it might be that if you’re single or you don’t have a Valentine, the day seems lonely or depressing.

However, everyone should be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day no matter what their situation is, even if that means showing yourself a little more love than normal. So if you’re dreading Valentine’s Day this year, don’t, because we might be able to help you give yourself that little bit of extra love.


solo valentines day

Prioritise self care

This may seem like an obvious point, but the best love we can give ourselves is to look after our minds and our bodies. Our bodies do a lot for us and with the pressures of everyday life, we often forget this. Valentine’s Day is a good day to prioritise self-care and focus on you. Maybe you could buy yourself a bath bomb and run yourself an overdue bubble bath, or treat yourself to an at-home spa day and make your own body scrubs. If you’re able to, why not treat yourself to a massage or facial? If you can use any day as an excuse to spend on yourself, make it Valentine’s Day!


Take yourself on a date

You don’t need two people to have a date, have one with yourself! Do something you love or something you don’t do enough. You could even try something completely new. Don’t let being by yourself hold you back from doing things which people normally do together. Why not try out that new cafe down the road, or have lunch somewhere new? Maybe you could visit your local cinema and watch a new film that you’ve been dying to see. Or even buy your favourite snacks and have a at home movie night.


Spend time with your family or friends

Although you might not have a “Valentine” per say, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend it with those you love. Valentine’s Day is about spreading love, after all. You could have dinner with your parents or plan an evening with your siblings. Maybe you could plan a family staycation and spend some quality time together. Maybe you would prefer to see your friends and have a day out or a walk together. This is a great idea if you really don’t want to spend the day alone.


Cook a new recipe

Even if cooking isn’t normally your thing, you could try it for Valentine’s Day! Besides, cooking for yourself is a really nice act of self-care, someone else doesn’t have to do it for you! And who knows? You might find a really special recipe that you keep coming back to. Or, if you want to, you could always try baking instead. Baking something new is a lovely way to treat yourself. These jam hearts tarts are such an easy and delicious recipe to try if you’re new to baking. You can make the most of your baking and cooking time by blasting your favourite music or watching your favourite film in the background. Facetiming a friend or relative is also a lovely way to keep you company.


Do a new activity

You might find that the best way to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day is to take care of your mental health. You want to expose yourself to something new you’ve been meaning to try or activities which make you happy, and this could be the perfect excuse. Maybe you love dancing and you want to try a dance class you’ve always wanted to go to, or you want to start ice skating lessons. You could even take up new, more affordable hobbies at home, such as doing puzzles or colouring. Valentine’s is a great day to prioritise doing new things for yourself which would normally take a back seat.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and we hope we have reminded you that a solo Valentine’s Day can be just as fun. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration from reading these ideas and can give yourself the time and love you deserve. Let’s all show ourselves a little more love this year.


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