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How to Heal your Body with your Mind

How to Heal your Body with your Mind


How to Heal your Body with your Mind- simple tips

Have you ever wondered how to heal your bodt with your mind and if it is even possible?

Researchers and scientists across the globe have been focusing on how the mind has a direct connection on our body and physical health. By training the brain, you can perform at your peak, not just mentally but physically too. Infact, your mind also has the ability to heal you and help you recover from your physical illnesses.

Sounds interesting right? Keep reading to discover just how you can do that and much more!


Stay Optimistic

This one may seem too far fetched to be true, but it is! Several studies have revealed that individuals who are optimistic are less likely to fall sick. This is because individuals who are optimistic are more likely to take care of their health, and therefore, have a stronger immune system than others. Looking at the bright side of life also helps keep your immune system performing at its peak, which is another added plus.


Focus on the Healing

While meditation and other such practises may not be a replacement for medication, they can surely help speed up the process of healing. The placebo effect is real, and countless studies have found how by simply ‘expecting’ and ‘believing’ a treatment to work, actually makes it work. Before you undergo any treatment or take your medications, make it a conscious effort to focus on how they will help bring about the healing of your body, and visualize in your mind how you’re getting better.


Laugh Often

There’s a reason why laughter clubs exist- apart from being contagious, laughter can also help slash your risk of suffering from heart disease. Research has shown that laughing frequently can not just neutralize the stress hormones in your body, but also increase the levels of good cholesterol and reduce inflammation of the arteries of the heart, in addition to having many other beneficial effects on the body. Go follow those funny Instagram accounts and make laughter a part of your everyday life.



Meditation has been found to work wonders in helping you tackle stress, anxiety and so much more, and in turn, has widespread physical effects as well. Some experts believe that regular meditation can slow down the rate of cellular ageing, and act as a sort of shield or a buffer for the body against the effects of stress. Plus, it has also been found that meditation can slow down the release of stress hormones in the body and initiate a relaxation response, which in turn, improves digestion, slows down your heart rate and lowers elevated blood pressure levels.


Take it Easy

Last, but definitely not the least, remember to take it easy. Let go of the roadblocks that hold you back from finding your inner peace and quit worrying about things that unnecessarily stress you out. Visualize yourself at your best- both physically and mentally and believe that you can, and do have the power to be that and much more. Make happiness an important part of your life and watch how it transforms you and your body.

I do hope these tips on how to heal your body with your mind have given you some good inspiration. Do you have any to add?


How to Heal your Body with your Mind

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