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How to help your garden survive a heat wave

How to help your garden survive a heat wave


How to help your garden survive a heat wave – top tips

When summer heat waves roll in often our gardens take a drastic hit suffering from the sun, heat, and often drought conditions. There area few things you can do to stop your garden from suffering through a hot summer heatwave.


The importance of deep watering

Training your plants to survive the heat and lack of water is a great way to help them survive a heat wave. Opt for deep watering every three days instead of daily watering. This will train your plants to dig deeper roots that can collect water long after surface water has evaporated. While this has to be done before the heat wave rolls in it is worth the work if you are planning ahead for summer.



Using plenty of mulch is a great way to help protect your plants from a heatwave. Mulch will help keep the roots cool while stopping the evaporation of water from your soil. The longer water stays in your soil your more time your plants have to take the water they need. Mulch also stops weeds from growing and taking much-needed water from your plants.

Shade your plants

If your plants are in direct sun it is a good idea to use shade cloth during a heat wave. This will help protect your plants from the sun overheating your plants. Shade cloth is a relatively inexpensive way to provide shade for your plants. If you need a cheap and quick option during a heat wave you can use a sheet to create a tent to protect your garden from the sun. Be sure to place this above your plants leaving room for air to flow around your plants.

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Water to schedule

During the heatwave, you want to water your plants with a plan. Watering in the morning can cause water that lands on leaves to burn your plants. Instead, water at night to help your plants recover from the summer heat and protect them from scorching.


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I hope you have found this post on how to help your garden survive a heat wave really useful and I hope your garden flourishes!


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