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How To Hide a Boiler

How To Hide a Boiler – top tips!

Your boiler is a life saver when the colder months roll in, and we depend on them a lot to keep us comfortable and warm. However, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing appliances to look at.

A big, bulky boiler can be a hassle when you want to create a stylish space, and if your property is on the smaller side, you might not have a choice in where it lives. 

Having a boiler on show can really take away the stylish look of a room.

Thankfully, there are some clever ways to hide your boiler to create a more attractive living space. With the right knowledge, your visitors won’t even be able to tell! 


How To Hide a Boiler

How To Hide a Boiler


How To Hide a Boiler

Before you start, there are a few things you need to think about when you try to hide a boiler


  • Do you have the right boiler for your home? The right boiler can help with your home’s energy efficiency in the long run. Companies such as BOXT deliver and install reliable, energy efficient appliances, such as Worcester Bosch boilers and Ideal models. Choose the right boiler to ensure it never lets you down when you need it the most.


    • The location of your boiler: Where is your boiler located? Do you have sufficient space to conceal its visibility?


  • Do you want to hide it completely? If it’s more appropriate, you could camouflage it or even include it in the design of your room.


    • What is your budget? What can you ideally spend on the project? It’s important not to leave yourself out of pocket.


  • Style or practicality? Would moving the location of your boiler be beneficial? Make sure you’re still able to get to it easily should you run into any problems. 



Here are some great ideas for how to hide a boiler

Which one will you choose?


How to hide a boiler? Create a cupboard

It can be difficult to find a new unit to match your kitchen, especially if you’ve recently redecorated, but creating a cupboard for your boiler is easier than you think. It’s quite easy to create a brand new cupboard for your boiler to live in by creating a cupboard door using MDF.

It’s worth looking into local carpenters or a handyman if you’re not sure where to start. Creating a simple cupboard should be an affordable option and will easily be able to fit in to your kitchen, newly decorated or not. You can then paint the door to match your kitchen and fix the same handle onto this, if you can.

How To Hide a Boiler


Use a curtain to hide a boiler

If a small curtain will fit the decor of your room, then this is a great way to conceal your boiler. With a curtain, you get the best of both worlds; you can easily conceal it without too much effort, and you’ll also be able to get to your boiler quickly when you need to.

You can choose any type of material to fit in with your chosen colour schemes or themes.


Boxing up the pipes is how to hide a boiler

It’s inevitable that your boiler will have visible pipes sticking out of your wall, and it can make your room look untidy and even unfinished. To keep your space neat and tidy, you can box in your pipes, or use pipe casings to safely conceal it.

It’s important to ensure your boiler’s pipes have enough ventilation to make sure they don’t overheat and that there is no fire risk.


How To Hide a Boiler


If you’re thinking about boxing up your boiler pipes as a means to how to hide a boiler, you need to ensure you leave adequate room and the right access for if an engineer needs to service your boiler or alter any components inside.


Use some of these tips on how to hide a boiler

Your home is your pride and joy, so making your living space as tidy and appealing as possible will help you to be more proud of your property.

Use these tips to hide your unsightly boiler and to safely cover up any ugly looking areas around your appliance.


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