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How To Improve Your Kids Elearning Experience

Are you wondering how to improve your kids elearning experience …

Virtual learning is the only alternative to maintain education processes during the global pandemic, and it has both benefits and drawbacks. The latter can put much more pressure on your kids and affect how they will perceive school from now on.

This is your responsibility, as a parent, to ensure that your children’s learning from home experience will not emotionally differ from what it was like in a classroom.

Maintaining their motivation will require establishing new rules at home and introducing changes into all family members’ daily routines. However, this is important to ensure that their academic performance will not decrease due to the learning environment change.


How To Improve Your Kids Elearning Experience


How To Improve Your Kids Elearning Experience

Below, you will find several tips to help kids focus on tasks and engage them to learn even more.


Exclude Distractions

It is crucial to create conditions that encourage learning and staying concentrated, so the first thing to do is reduce as many distractions as possible. Indeed, other digital devices may interrupt your child’s learning process – smartphones, tablets, Nintendos, etc. – but surfing on the web during online lessons is not the only reason.

Having pets and favorite toys around can also be distractive, so allocating a separate space for learning is equally important as minimizing the time spent on a smartphone or switching off the Wi-Fi. If you and your kid have a shared space to study and work remotely, make sure you do not distract each other. For example, using noise cancelling earbuds while on a video lesson will allow your child to stay focused and not get distracted by your conference calls.


Arrange a Full-Fledged Learning Place

A separate, comprehensive workplace allows not only to avoid distractions, but create an engaging schoolwork-related routine at home. Besides, it positively affects your kids’ productivity and concentration, so make sure they work at a specially designated space, not your kitchen table.

Ensure that the workplace has enough light, preferably natural, and the furniture fits their height. Provide your kids with all the necessary tools at arm’s length to ease the virtual learning process. If there are smaller children in the family, you should organize the educational process so the kids will not distract each other.




Stick To The Schedule – How To Improve Your Kids Elearning Experience

Create a schedule that sets times not only for online learning lessons, but also meals, physical activities, hobbies, and rest time. Remember to consider breaks between subjects at the time their offline classes used to start. Thus, you will be able to bring more consistency and structure into your child’s daily routine and keep it as much in-school time alike as possible.

During the distance learning period, your child should clearly understand the time of going to bed and the time of waking up. This will allow their nervous system to recover and respond more gently to stressful situations – the pandemic itself is one of them.


Allocate Time for Physical Activity

Exercise is crucial to keep your kids motivated, engaged, as well as improve attention and memory. Besides, physical activity is one of the best ways to decrease anxiety and stress levels or prevent them at all.


Any kind of exercise will be beneficial – from going for a short walk to get some fresh air for the brain to a quick family stretching session. Besides, taking dynamic breaks during online learning hours allows you to reduce screen time and lower its harmful effects as much as possible.


Help Your Kids – How To Improve Your Kids Elearning Experience

These are confusing times for all of us, and your kids will need your help and support as never before. Make sure you are there for them, and pay attention to their individual needs and struggles. Each kid is different, so even if you have several kids be mindful of that in order to find the right approach to ease their education processes.

For example, let your child read aloud for you to provide some feedback about their reading progress or help decide on the choice of an engaging topic for their research paper. The lack of communication between teachers and parents may worsen the distance learning experience, so you need to be proactive.

Reaching out to their teacher will help establish a smooth learning routine at home and get in touch if your child needs more time to meet the deadline.


How To Improve Your Kids Elearning Experience


Online learning can be challenging, so it is crucial to establish an encouraging routine for your kids from the very beginning. Introducing several school-related rules is helpful, but make sure they are also flexible, as you do not want to add even more pressure to their homeschool experience.

Instead of taking away all their devices, make a deal about when it would be better to put them aside and explain how this will help them focus. Organize a workplace for school purposes only and be supportive of your child’s struggles. Such a mindful approach will encourage them to seek solutions for tasks, not giving up schoolwork.

The online academic year is no less stressful for your kid than remote work for you, so aim to make it as anxiety-free as possible for the whole family.


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