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How to Increase Kerb Appeal – 5 Simple Steps to a Warmer Welcome

Today – How to increase kerb appeal

The front of your home is the very first thing that people see when they pass by or come to visit, so making sure it looks it’s very best is something every proud homeowner should aspire to.

How to increase kerb appeal

If your home is in need of some TLC to improve kerb appeal, read on for some simple transformation tips that really can make a difference.

Rendered Fencing

One of the very best ways to improve kerb appeal is to attend to your fencing. If you have a fence you want it to look in tip-top condition and functional. Rendered fencing is a really good option. They are a great way of creating a brick wall style feature without having to pay for a bricklayer. Compared to traditional wood fencing your maintenance will be practically zero too. Rendering adds a layer of protection from the elements as well. You will also have increased security and privacy with a rendered fence, and your home gets an instant and transformative facelift. A custom rendered fence can be matched to your property and create a cohesive look too that will be uber-stylish.  Such an easy way to increase kerb appeal


A Paved Driveway

A paved accessible driveway is convenient and stylish and a huge selling point when it comes to moving home. Everyone wants off-street parking and no-one wants to have to mow a front lawn and weed it. Plus it will look so much tidier too, especially in winter when the lush green fades and your home looks tired by association.  Paving can be really cool and contemporary too and it can absolutely upscale your home.



Increase Kerb Appeal with a Good Door

A good door is a must if you are trying to increase kerb appeal. The colour is completely up to you, but a really bright one might put a potential buyer off. Whatever colour you choose, keep the paintwork fresh unchipped and clean and add great accessories. I love to see a brass door handle and knocker that co-ordinate. If you have a bell make sure it works and isn’t stuck on with masking tape. It totally ruins the look of a lovely door. Your door needs to be functional, look smart and be totally secure.


Windows on the World

Windows facing out onto the street need to be clean and shiny and well dressed.  You don’t want people staring in of course but ugly yellowing nets at your window is worse.  Protect your privacy whilst ensuring your windows still present a beautiful front to your home.


A Welcoming Touch to Increase Kerb Appeal

Nothing says welcome and look how loved this house is then flowers by your doorway. A potted bay tree, a hanging basket filled with red petunias, a window box of violas – all of these speak of a home well cared for. Introducing flowers is a simple and inexpensive  way to increase kerb appeal but one that always works



I do hope you have enjoyed this post on how to improve your kerb appeal – have you tried any of these?


how to increase kerb appeal

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