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How To Keep Your Family’s Hair Healthy

As the head of a busy and hectic household, it is totally understandable and more than common for certain aspects of your family’s health that aren’t as important as others get left by the proverbial wayside.

However, one element of one’s overall health that should certainly not be overlooked and indeed can affect a host of other elements of the body, is that of the quality, health and strength of your hair.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn tried, tested and proven-to-be effective ways of keeping your family’s hair as healthy as possible.


How To Keep Your Family’s Hair Healthy

Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

One of the biggest mistakes parents make, both in terms of their own hair and that of their children, is that they insist on washing their hair every single day, thinking this is the best way to keep their hair healthy.

Instead, however, there are a number of reasons why washing hair every day is bad for both your scalp and your hair itself, including the following:

  • Split ends occur more frequently
  • Products can build up both on the ends and at the base of the follicles
  • Your scalp may become dry and more prone to dandruff
  • Natural shine is diminished
  • Hair colour fades noticeably faster


Men’s Hair Matters Too!

If the man in your life is currently less than happy with one very normal and natural sign of aging, male pattern baldness, then there are a number of different things to do to combat baldness, or else entirely eradicate the problem.

Steroid creams, prescription medication, therapy and even regular scalp massages can all help to slow down hair loss, but if you or your partner are looking for a more effective and permanent solution to hair loss, then a hair transplant is certainly the best choice. If this is something you or another member of your family is considering, then it is important to only consider a reputable, renowned and prestigious clinic such as hshairclinic.co.uk.


Always Finish Off with a Cold Rinse

A particularly simple and entirely speedy way to improve the quality of the whole family’s hair is to end the shower, or even bath, with a quick cold rinse.

Cold water, especially following shampoo, conditioner and a hot wash, is fantastic for strengthening not only each individual strand of hair, but also the roots and hair follicles themselves.


Food & Drink

Last, but certainly not least, the other main way you can simply yet effectively look after the health of you and your family’s hair is to ensure you are providing the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Make sure every member of your family is sufficiently hydrated with enough water and consume enough of the right kinds of foods, to aid the sufficient production of keratin. Vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli, fatty fish full of Omega-3 acid such as mackerel, salmon and tuna and chia seeds, flaxseeds and soy beans are all excellent foodstuffs to promote healthy hair in all ages.


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