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How to let things go

How to let things go


how to let things go


How to let things go – effective tips

Let’s talk today about how to let things go


The problem with holding on to our emotions

I feel it is just so important to learn how to let things go. I know I hold onto so much that weighs me down and I need to feel lighter and freer and less trapped by the weight of these emotions i hold in and onto,

As humans, our emotions and feelings help us a lot in life- they help us understand situations better, make sense of the world around us and help us decide what to do next. But sometimes, these emotions can get a bit too difficult to handle, and if you can relate, chances are, you are a sensitive person.

If you too, have been experiencing trouble letting go of difficult emotions and ‘moving on’ from what doesn’t seem to serve you anymore, here’s some help. Read on to discover how by simply observing your emotions, you can let go of them and find the freedom you want!

How to let things go


How to let things go – Identify & Observe

Intense emotions can often be difficult to identify- is it anger? Is it frustration? Worry? Sadness? Grief? The lines between them all tend to become blurry, and if you’re actively looking for ways to ‘let go’ of those emotions, you first need to take the time out to identify them.

Give your emotions a name- and in your mind’s eye, try to give it a shape, a form. Imagine pulling that emotion out of yourself, your body, and it standing 5 feet away from you. Try to make sense of it- and then simply observe, without judgement. Talk to it if you must, pen down your emotions if that helps, and just be- don’t struggle to do anything- getting rid of it, pushing it away or just anything at all. Just stay and be. Just observe. Knowing how to let things go beginsd with observing what needs to leave


Reflect & Release

If we truly discovered the benefits of silent reflection for our mind and body, we would give it the respect it truly needs. Spending some time alone, just reflecting on life, your emotions and situations can help you in so many ways- it can get you to feel more comfortable in general, get insights about yourself as an individual, find the root cause of your negative emotions and in turn, emerge as a stronger, wiser individual.

How to let things go


Make it a point to spend 15 minutes at least, uninterrupted, and make sense of where your emotions stem from, without judging yourself or the situation. Once you’ve done that and reached that stage, you’ll automatically be able to release and ‘free’ yourself from that emotion.

Consider this practise nothing less than a huge investment for yourself- you’ll see how it makes you more grounded and centered, and how you’re able to handle better whatever life throws your way.

how to let things go


How it Really Helps to know how to let things go

Humans, being lovers at heart, are always seeking for happiness and peace. Doing this- just observing emotions for a short while can bring you a little closer to that peace and happiness you crave. It can give you that time you need to heal yourself, and allows you to separate yourself from those dominant emotions that you feel, helping you rediscover yourself.

Living in this newfound awareness can be an exhilarating and refreshing experience for anyone who’s being stuck with processing and trying to make sense of their intense emotions.


More ways to learn to let things go

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how to let things go



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