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How to make a house a home

How to make a house a home – let’s explore!


How to make a house a home



How to make a house a home – simple tips

Do you wonder how to make a house a home

I love to turn a house into a home – don’t you? I find it such fun and love the process as much as I do the end result really. I guess this is partly the reason I like moving house so much juts to turn bricks and floors into something precious and personal. I always aim for a safe haven to relax in, a place to grow and a place to learn. I certainly aim for a place in which to make memories. Transitioning a house to a home is such a lovely thing to do, but sometimes we can feel so daunted cant we as we look at how to make a house a home and think it is going to cost so much and be so much work.

It absolutely doesn’t have to be a chore though or a cash drain.

How to make a house a home can actually be simple.

A dream home  also really doesn’t have to be about getting your dream kitchen, It doesn’t have to be about getting the highest thread count sheets. It doesn’t have to be about getting landscaped gardens.


What it does have to be about is TLC, though and a little bit of effort that attends to all the senses and considers the practicality, comfort and uniqueness that create homes that our absolutely ours and that we absolutely love.

Here is all I know about how to make a house a home


Scent & how to make a house a home

I am not one for heavily scented air fresheners but oh how I dislike a house that smells mouldy or damp or stale. Pull open those windows, grey out the clean linen or lemon verbena reed diffusers and keep your house sparkly clean. These are the secrets to fresh smells.

Damp and mould must be immediately tackled and fresh air and cleanliness is a must. Change sheets regularly, keep bins emptied daily and wrap food and store it well. Your home will smell delightful as a result and will make you so happy when you first walk back in through that door. Guaranteed your visitors will notice too.


Classic features

A home is a house that is both practical and beautiful in my opinion.

Now I just absolutely love wooden floors – I think they are key to a timeless and classic looking home and form a hygiene point of view they are 100x better than carpets in my view.

There is also the added perk that you can change your walls and furniture around as much as you like and a wooden floor will never clash or not complement your decor. Have you seen Kahrs Engineered wood   it is totally stunning sustainable and stylish wood flooring?  There are so many perks to wooden flooring like this it is ‘eco-friendly, resists cracking, buckling and warping, offers endless variations in design’ Exactly what I would be looking for.

There is something timeless and reassuring about wooden floors too isn’t three – they just look so solid. and they definitely are a good step on the path of how to make a house a home

You will find lots of options for wooden flooring over at Stories flooring


Comfort & how to make a house a home

As well as practicality comfort is a key component for making a house a home. I like to bring in comfort with soft fabrics and lovely textures. I am thinking of soft rugs for your wooden floors. I am thinking cosy cushions for the comfy sofas and cuddly throws on a beautiful bouncy bed. You want to feel your home is snuggly – a place you can really relax.


Furniture that functions and is fabulous

Style for style’s sake will never ever make a house a home. You need furniture that looks fabulous I do agree but it has to function well too – back to practicality!

You need to be able to lie full length on your couch, you need to be able to site everyone you want comfortably around your kitchen table. Your coffee table needs to be safe for your kids. Wardrobes need to be big enough and storage needs to be plentiful. A SMEG fridge may look wonderful but its the freezer big enough to suit your needs.

Your furniture needs to look lovely and you need to adore your home’s aesthetics but oh it needs to work for you or it will never feel like home.


How to make a house a home



I am a huge art lover for me art absolutely is the key to transforming a house into a home. Art is about us and what pleases us…I suggest you really think about the art you display in your home and go for something you absolutely love above all else. You see your artwork daily – does it move you, inspire you, make your senses sing. This is a way to really bring yourself into that house and make it your very own space.

If you are not a big fan of art perhaps photos of places and people that are meaningful to you could be enlarged and adorn your walls instead?


Individual Ways to make a house a home

There are many, many identikit homes around all sourced from Ikea or John Lewis (not that I am disparaging either) and thrown together just like you would see in a magazine. Following a designers plan for a house does not make a home even if it does make a beautiful, stylish and on-trend house.

It is important you give yourself some credit and create your own home through your likes, your travels, your own uniqueness.

Maybe you love to read? Well, then you should have a reading corner. Maybe you love to paint..why not turn your conservatory into an artists studio?

Don’t worry at all what the magazine or design blogs say your home should look like. What matter is that your home is YOUR home and that absolutely love and use the space you have  as YOU want to,


Over to you and your ideas on how to make a house a home

As always I love to hear your thoughts. I know that interiors are important o you and I wonder how you go about really making your space comfortable, functional, gorgeous and entirely yours? Please leave me a comment and share your experiences with me.

How to make a house a home-  how do you do it?

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How to make a house a home

How to make a house a home


How to make a house a home is a collaborative post


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