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How To Make An Entrance With Your Hallway

Do you wonder how to make an entrance with your hallway?

Make An Entrance With Your Hallway

How To Make An Entrance With Your Hallway


First impressions count

When people walk into your home, you want them to be dazzled. You want them to be impressed from the moment that they set foot into your house, which means that you need to do more than just decorate the kitchen and refit the downstairs W.C. You need to make an entrance with your hallway. Think about the hallway that you have. Stand in the doorway and look into the house. Do you feel inspired? Do you smile, knowing that you’re about to walk into your home? If you answered no to either of those questions, then you have got a project on your hands.

The hall at the entry to your home is going to be the one place that should make a real impression on your guests. It’s a relatively small place in the home that should be styled in a way that it doesn’t look overly busy but still has an element of class to it. Finding the right accessories to make the space beautiful, functional and impressive isn’t always the easiest, because it’s going to depend on the size of the hallway that you have. The idea is that you should make your hallway as interesting as possible, and below we’ve got some of the ways that you can do this whatever your budget.


How To Make An Entrance With Your Hallway – 5 top tips

Paint The Stairs. The traditional thing for entryways is carpeting, or wooden flooring with hall runners. Some people like to go in for CARRcrete InfinityFloor polished concrete instead of the wooden options on the floor. When it comes to the stairways, you could go from carpeted stairs to polished concrete or hardwood. If you choose to go with a wooden stairway and banister, then you have the choice of colour. Give it a lick of paint if the hall is a lighter colour. The contrast between the light walls and dark banister can make the entire hall look bigger and brighter.

Give The Stairs Some Art. Not the walls, the actual stairs. You can add prints like these to each step to make them really stand out. You can even choose some of your favourite wallpaper and cut it down to stick to the steps as you go up them.

Paint The Door. You may not be able to paint the outside of the door, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t paint the inside of the door. Make sure that the colour compliments the colour scheme in the rest of the hallway, and you’ve got yourself a little bit of you splashed all over the hallway.

Storage. If your hall is big enough to hold a shoe rack, why not go for a box storage item of furniture like this one? You can double it up as a place to hold keys and post throughout the day, it’ll look stunning.

Lights. Your hallway lights will depend on whether you have high or low ceilings. High ceilings will benefit from a statement hanging lamp, but a low ceiling does better with individual spotlights.

Make that entrance and give guests something to really talk about!



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