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How to make an indoor oven pizza? Best Basic DIY!

How to make an indoor oven pizza? Do you know?

If you are a pizza lover, you are probably wondering if there is a way to take your pizza to the next level. Here’s good news-yes there is! You should replace your stove and build a pizza oven! Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in your backyard for it. You can also build a pizza oven indoor. Wood fired, pizza oven will make your pizza taste like the one in Italy, and it will add variety to the traditional cooking.

It is a serious decision when you finally decide to build a pizza oven indoor. It requires appropriate methods, guidance, and time. Most people decide to make a pizza oven on their own, but you can also buy pizza ovens that can be installed indoor, assuming that you comply with building and smoke regulations. Here are some tips on how to build an indoor pizza oven.



make an indoor oven pizza

How to make an indoor oven pizza?


Check if you can build Pizza Oven Indoors?

In the beginning, you need to find out whether you can build a pizza oven indoors and if it’s legal. Sometimes there is a risk that it will have an impact on the building regulations and building codes.

We recommend contacting your neighborhood building authority or inspector before buying, or installing your new wood fired oven to find out what the regulations are.

The standard guidelines and best practices for installing a pizza ovens are listed below. The manufacturer’s specifications will be compared to your installation by your local inspector, so if your pizza oven doesn’t have any, you may not be able to place it in your indoor kitchen.


Choose the right place

First, you need to decide where to install your wood fired oven. Unlike traditional ovens, you can’t move pizza ovens once it’s built. Choose an area in your kitchen with a lot of space around it – you will need it while making pizzas. You need to remember that you can build your oven into a wall.

Warning! It is critical to keep sufficient space and clearance away from any combustible materials while installing an indoor oven. You also need to remember to remove all the combustible material away from the oven (while it can be extremely hot) otherwise it may cause a fire.

It is worth remembering while building the oven to use all the insulation materials provided with the oven. Due to that oven will transfer minimal heat to structures or internal walls. For the most secure installation possible, you should use pourable insulation to fill the void space.


Choose the right materials

While making a new oven, you are probably wondering what materials are the best for indoors oven, and where to get them. You can buy them at your local DIY shop. If you are looking for a long-lasting oven you should consider using fire bricks, clay, a special mixture that is high temperature resistant. To build this kind of oven indoors, we can also use a chamotte mortar with cement, which doesn’t brittle under the influence of heat.


Make an indoor pizza oven – basic diy

Here will guide you on how to build a pizza oven step by step. However, it is all up to you whether you decide to build your own wood fired pizza oven, or you will want to get one from the store.

Before we will mason our oven we need to make a toe-kick on which the rest of the construction will be made. It will provide an isolation layer, and it will place the whole construction at a comfortable height for us. Mostly this type of base is made of bricks or rocks. When the fundation is ready, we can build a pizza oven.

The first step is to place a several-centimeter layer of clay on the bottom. Before putting the entire clay on, you should cover the bottom with broken glass, and after that put the clay on it. This will provide an insulation layer that will help maintain the appropriate temperature inside the oven. After that, you will have to wait a few weeks for the clay to dry.

When the oven floor is ready, we place bricks on it, which will form the fireplace. We commingle bricks with cement and wait until it dries.

The next step is to build the baking chamber, which should be domed shaped. To make its construction go smoothly, you should use a wooden frame on which you will place bricks. We commingle everything together using chamotte mortar with cement, but it should be noted that the joints are as small as possible, because each of them contributes to subsequent heat loss. We can then lag the resulting construction with additional insulation clay or mineral wool.


Clay ovens indoors

You can also make the entire construction of clay. In that case, after laying the bricks that make the bottom of the fireplace, we make a mound of sand on them and give it the appropriate shape. Then we cover it with wet paper and clay.

When everything dries, we cut a hole and get the sand out. The last thing is to light a small fire, which will help the clay construction to dry. The oven built like this will fulfill its role.


Brick ovens indoors

If you don’t choose the above clay solution, the brick oven must be eligible finished. Trim bricks as needed while building oven’s back wall. It is very important to make the chimney (which should be located in the front part) as well as the hole and the door. 

The height of the whole should be equal to 63% of the height of the oven dome. This ensures proper air circulation inside. Then we can give the pizza oven design depending entirely on our preferences




Is a chimney necessary for an Indoor Pizza Oven?

Probably you are wondering if the pizza oven needs a chimney flue-the answer is very clear-Yes, every appliance like this, especially installed indoor, needs to be vented.

A chimney flue is very essential because it removes smoke from inside the wood fired ovens, so that while you take your pizza out, the smoke won’t blow into your face. Through ovens without chimney, the smoke escapes through the doors, and the room may be filled with CO2.

The flue can get extremely hot, while making food or a pizza. If you aren’t using a range hood in your stove, most inside installations require a double wall chimney system. You should never use any combustible materials near the oven’s flue stack.

That is why it is so essential to have proper venting for your wood fired oven. Also, what is important, is that the flames burn efficiently thanks to the chimney, which makes your cooking and baking efficient, faster and more effective. So if you want to make your indoor kitchen safe and an excellent place, you need to install a flue.


Is it cheaper to build your own pizza oven?

It is hard to answer this question. The truth is that you can save money if you build your pizza oven on your own. The most expensive is the brick oven. The clay oven on the other hand is way cheaper. What if you don’t have enough time to do it by yourself, and construction is out of your comfort zone? No worries, you can buy oven kits that have the bricks and other components that you need. 



Everyone knows that pizza from a real oven tastes the best. If you dream of serving a pizza like this at your home, it is worth choosing a pizza oven for indoor use. If you meet all the above-mentioned requirements, there is nothing to wait for. Regardless of what materials you choose and whether you build it yourself or buy a ready-made oven, the pizza will taste exceptional. 


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