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How to make Asparagus Sauce

A look at how to make asparagus sauce the most delicious and simple or recipes, that is not only super tasty but also super good for you. 


How to make Asparagus Sauce


Let there be seasons so that our tongues will be rich in asparagus and limes. – Anne Sexton


The flavour of freshly harvested asparagus can be enjoyed in pasta dishes, soups, and sandwiches year-round by making and freezing this asparagus sauce. Once tried  you are really goinf to want to have this all year round. 

 I juts simply adore asparagus- do you? Such an indulgence in my mind.



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How to make asparagus sauce

The short-lived harvest season for fresh asparagus always leaves us longing for more of that fresh-picked flavour. When asparagus is in season, mix up a few batches of this easy  sauce and store it in the freezer for year-round use in pesto, pasta sauces, soups, and as a sandwich spread.

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How to make asparagus sauce – Ingredients

1 ½ pound of fresh asparagus
½ cup of water
2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice
½ teaspoon of salt (table, kosher or sea salt)

(Don’t you love a recipe where there are just a few simple ingredients – it always makes my heart sing)


asparagus sauce


How to make asparagus sauce – Directions

1. Wash fresh asparagus and snap off any tough ends. Place asparagus in a large stockpot and cover with cold water. Cook over high heat until the water in the stockpot reaches a rolling boil. Reduce heat to medium-high, cover the stockpot with a lid, and continue to cook the asparagus for 10-15 minutes until it is fork-tender. Remove from heat and drain all the water off the asparagus thoroughly.

2. Place cooked asparagus in a food processor, add water, lemon juice, and salt. Process in the food processor until the mixture is smooth and thick. The consistency  should be that of a purée; more water can be added during the processing to reach the desired consistency. Add additional water a few drops at a time during processing.

3. Pour the sauce into freezer-safe containers and allow it to cool before putting the lid on the containers and storing them in the freezer. The sauce will keep for up to one year in the freezer


How uncomplicated is this recipe!


Uses For Asparagus Sauce

The sauce can be eaten as-is or mixed and cooked with other ingredients for an out-of-the-ordinary flavour and appearance. Mix a few ingredients like a favourite cheese and chopped nuts and use it as a pesto sauce for dipping or to a top favourite pasta dish. Use the sauce to make homemade hot or cold soups like cream of asparagus soup, asparagus bisque, or asparagus gazpacho.

Asparagus is a healthy, low-calorie alternative to sandwich spreads. Spread the sauce on a favourite bread and serve as hors d’oeuvres or appetizers, or replace other sandwich spreads like mayonnaise with the tasty green sauce. In any recipe where the flavour of asparagus would be a welcomed addition, add a spoonful or cupful of the sauce.

The flavour of freshly harvested asparagus can be enjoyed in pasta dishes, dips, soups, and sandwiches year-round by making and freezing this easy  sauce when the vegetable is in season.


How to make Asparagus Sauce


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So there you go that is how to make Asparagus Sauce If you have enjoyed this post you might also like my recipes  for veggie bbq ideas  or for  veggie lasagne

Do you have any great asparagus recipes you might like to share with me. If so please drop me a link below – I am a big fan! 

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