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How to Make Clothes to Sell Online – What You Need to Consider

More and more people are turning to creative, home based occupations such as making clothes to sell online.

Over the past year, as life has taken it’s strange path, many people have turned to new careers. Due to loss of jobs and/ or financial insecurity many people have begin a new journey towards earning though creating their own small business as their full employment or as a side hustle to generate back-up income. 



How to Make Clothes to Sell Online

Being stuck at home has not been all bad. A number of people I know have begun to be more creative and develop their talents and are so very proud of their baking, DIY and art as a result. Some have even done training whilst home based to improve their skill set.

Combining both the desire for a second income with creative, handmade pursuits is actually far more common than you would imagine. Making and selling what you make is  a process that puts you firmly in charge of generating income  and it is such a lovely way to earn a living. 

Working from home, doing something you love and being your own boss – what could be better?

Is this something you have ever considered?


Making Clothes to Sell Online


Making Clothes to Sell Online

My sister has been selling her huge abstract art works online, during the pandemic another friend created affirmation cards and has been selling these. I personally have written 2 books during lockdown and yes both will very shortly be for sale.

Making clothes to sell online has been growing in popularity too, it is fun, lucrative, creative and there are so many places to sell what you create.

I see handmade clothes for sale on Etsy, on eBay,on Amazon handmade. I see them for sale in Facebook  groups too and on their own websites. Take a look here and you will find tons of apps where you can sell clothes you have made online too. I absolutely love how creative people are being. 

But how do you even begin making clothes to sell online and what do you need to consider? 


Making Clothes to Sell Online

How to Make Clothes to Sell Online


What do you love to make?

When you are starting a little business yes profit is important but you do need to think it all through before you commit. How much do I enjoy this? Am I proud of my products? Does this sit with my values? Will I be able to keep it fresh and interesting? Do I have the space to store what I create?

Do really have a good think before you launch into something that might bore you quickly or that you might regret.


How to Make Clothes to Sell Online – Branding

When it comes to making clothes to sell online branding is also really important.

Choosing a name and designing a logo that fits with your style and  will work across your marketing is important and quality labeling is key. You might want to outsource branding to a creative friend or to a designer you find on somewhere like Fiverr to get something eye catching and cool. 

Once you have your logo then you will want to be investing in some awesome clothing labels.  


How to Make Clothes to Sell Online




One of the very best places to get your labels for your own fashion line is from Wunderlabel. 

Labels for clothes matter way more than you might initially think. Whether you have sewn in ribbon labels,  hang tags with your logo on or branded stickers to hold the wrap tissue together, you want to get your clothing labels to shout about your beautiful designs and have your customers clear about where to come back for more.

Imagine how proud you will feel having your logo on the clothing YOU have created knowing it is being worn by someone else.


And, as well as woven labels or even leather labels with you business name on, you are going to want to include sizing labels PLUS fabric care labels too so your customers are absolutely sure how to take care of the item they have purchased from you. 

Never underestimate the power of a good label. 



It is also  important to get your packaging right.

Do consider shunning the plastic wrap, in these Eco aware times try and reflect your green credentials in your packaging. Your customers will thank you for it as will the planet.


How to Make Clothes to Sell Online



Pricing can feel tricky but It doesn’t have to be.

Make sure you earn a profit from your creations, handmade does not have to compete with fast fashion. I have always found the best way to gauge pricing is too look at what direct competitors with like products are doing and then set your price similarly ( just make your product better!) 


I wish you lots of luck in the process of making clothes to sell online and I do hope you have found this post useful and it has given you some thing to think about.






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