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How to Make Money from your Clutter with Sell It Back

Do you want to know how to make money from your clutter?


How to Make Money from your Clutter

How to Make Money from your Clutter


Have you heard of Sell It Back?

Sell it back is exactly what we need in these times when we need to raise some extra cash in an easy, straightforward manner without leaving hour homes. 

It is  the complete online solution to sell your used books, CD’s, DVD’s & Games.

You simply download Sell It Back from the app store or use the website to get started. 


How to Make Money from your Clutter by selling books


Lockdown Declutter

Almost everyone I know has had a lockdown declutter.

We all have extra time on our hands and we are all at home far more than usual.

This makes it the perfect time to have a really good sort out and make our environment more spacious.

There really is never any point cluttering up our homes with things we no longer want or need and it is amazing how these can accumulate.  It can be tricky to know where to start with decluttering but I say just dive on in and think about all the money you can make from the items you will be able to sell on. 

I often take my old books to the charity shop but actually right now my local charity shops aren’t open and a lot of them haven’t been accepting stuff for a while. Plus funds are rather low here and making some extra money is on my agenda so using a service like Sell It Back is the ideal solution.

It is also a green solution, avoiding books et.c unnecessarily ending up in landfill. 


How to Make Money from your Clutter


How does Sell It Back work?

Sell It Back offer the most competitive prices for your items

It is a simple 3 step process which makes selling your stuff super simple.

You really do only have to …

 1. Scan your items,

2. Send your items,

3. Get paid, just like that.


But what about posting my items?

All you have to do is pack your items and they can either arrange a free home or work collection (subject to T&Cs).

If that isn’t convenient for you then you can simply use the free shipping label emailed to you and drop it off to any of the 5000+ CollectPlus stores across the country.

Your items do need to be packed properly in un-damaged or un-ripped cardboard boxes / cartons / cases / boxes.

Hows that for simplicity?  I love how uncomplicated this service is – it’s exactly what we need in these difficult times isn’t it?


Does it take ages to get paid?

Sell It back has a super speedy time from sending your items free of charge and being paid within 7-10 days. So, if you are in need of some extra cash fast, this is a great idea.


How to Make Money from your Clutter


Do my items have to be perfect?

Items do not have to be perfectly pristine and new but obviously quality is important so mouldy books, stained books, scratched discs, library books, etc. would not be acceptable (but to be honest your local charity shop would not want these either!) 

So there you go – this is the perfect, simple solution to how to make money form your clutter. What are you waiting for. Just think how lovely your home will look and how much better off you will be when you have sold your stuff! 


Sell It Back gives back 

Did you know the Sell It Back app can also be used to fundraise for charities.

The way it works is very simple: charities and organisations can register with them and encourage their supporters to declutter by using Sell It Back and donating the money they would have made from the book sales directly to the charity of their choice.

Love this idea how to make money form your clutter and help someone else too



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