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How to Make Walking Less Boring – 7 Top Tips & Best Ways

How to Make Walking Less Boring – a look at some top tips.


ways to Make Walking Less Boring

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How to Make Walking less boring

Walking is one of the simplest ways to introduce exercise into your life, but let’s face it- after a while, it can get downright boring. Here’s how to bring the fun into your simple everyday walk, and how to make walking less boring and get the very the most out of your efforts.

Read on for some great tips to make walking one of the most fun things and one of the most therapeutic things you could do with your time. there are LOADS of great ways to make walking less boring.


Ways to Make Walking less boring

How to Make Walking Less Boring


How to make walking less boring by changing your route

This one is the simplest and easiest way to make your walk more interesting. You could do these each and every day if you wanted to Walk through the same route every day is bound to make you feel bored eventually. Instead, choose different routes whenever you can, and explore different parts of the neighbourhood- be a tourist in your own city and explore the place on foot!

I like to take a camera out with me when I am walking. It forces me to really look at the detail of my surroundings as well as the bigger picture. The more different routes you have the more varied photos and the more ways you have to make walking less boring.

Take a look at this post on why walking is so very good for you 


Ways to Make Walking Less Boring


Learn While you Walk is a great way to make walking les boring

If your walks seem to be less productive mentally, listening to an audiobook can help!

Multitasking that way can not just make your walking routine a more interesting one, but can also help you learn something new or pick up a skill. You’ll find a good number of websites and apps that allow you to download lectures and audiobooks for free.



Make Walking Less Boring


I absolutely adore listening to podcasts as I walk and I have to admit my absolute favourite one to listen to is desert island discs. It is so interesting to find out all about peoples lives and I also think you can tell so much about someone from their musical tastes!


How to Make Walking Less Boring



Makes me so happy to chill out for an hour and walk and listen to something fabulous. This is definitely my favourite way to make walking less boring. 


Podcasts! are how to Make Walking less boring

If you have any podcasts you could recommend to me then please do so in the comments below I adore finding new things to listen too.

 I have a great happy and motivational songs list if you fancy some music prompts from me

Ways to Make Walking Less Boring

Ways to Make Walking Less Boring


How to make walking less boring? – Tag a Friend Along

This one’s a no-brainer, and yet one of the most effective ways to keep yourself interested in your seemingly boring walk.

Having an exercise buddy or partner can help you stay more on track with your walking routine, and obviously, since you have someone to talk to, you’ll be less likely to feel bored.


I always try and pick walking friends who have a slightly faster pace than me too so I get a better workout rather than an amble along.  Tagging a friend along is the greatest ways to make walking less boring plus is anything EVER more fun than a good catch up with a good friend. This is absolutely one of my most favourite things to do.


Walk your Dog (or Someone Else’s) – Ways to Make Walking Less Boring

Walking your dog has two benefits- first, you’ll actually be walking, which means you’ll be reaping the benefits of physical activity. Second, you’ll get to do it with your furry friend, and being around dogs has been found to have a very positive effect on both- your physical and mental health.



Ways to Make Walking less boring


What’s more, you’ll be more likely to walk a few extra steps with this one! And you know what everyone talks to people who are walking their dogs so you will absolutely have a much more sociable time taking a dog for a walk than you would without.


ways to make walking less boring


Help the Environment

What could be better than killing two birds with a single stone- not literally though? By walking, you’re doing your physical self a favour, but while you do it, you can also do your environment and the planet earth a favour by following a simple rule- the next time you go out walking, keep an eye out for any litter that you may come across, and when you do, throw it in the garbage bin. I would absolutely and very strongly recommend gloves for this though or perhaps even a litter picking stick just to be on the safe side.


How to Make Walking Less Boring  – Plan your Day as you walk

If you’re a morning walk kind of a person, planning the rest of your day in your head while you’re walking is a good way to keep yourself interested. Creating a to-do list in your head will also help you stick to your short term goals better, and even get you to achieve them.

Visualize your day at its best while you walk, and you’ll be surprised at how much it affects the course of your day. I think about all sorts of things as I walk, the fresh air and rhythmic pace seem to give more clarity.


Worry Time Walking – on of the easiest ways how to make walking less boring

I always find walking a great time to get my worrying out the way, I can give my problems real focus and contain them to this time then they do not spill into the rest of the day. I call this my worry time walking.

I have a friend Ruth who does the exact same when she is jogging. It is a really helpful practice to get into. And once the walk is done you simply let your worries leave you until the next time. It’s not easy t start with but with practice, this can be a really good therapeutic exercise.


Setting yourself goals is how to make walking less boring

In 2018 I walked a marathon in a day. This was a pretty major deal for me as I have a few health issues. I trined really hard and I had a really detailed and specific training programme. Each training walk got coloured off on my chart one at a time.

This bought me deep satisfaction.

I was clocking up the walks and putting miles in my legs and I was walking towards a goal. Did I smash it? Yes, I absolutely did indeed and oh it felt so good. I also managed to raise £1400 for the British Lung Foundation. Having goals short and long terms  can really help make walking less boring


make walking less boring

a beautiful scenic route is a way to make walking less boring



Over to you – for your how to make walking less boring tips

Hope these simple ways to make walking less boring  prove to be useful to you – if you have any to add, I would as always, be really happy to hear from you with your ideas in the comments below – you might also like my post on where to find different kinds of happiness

P.S Walking somewhere beautiful is always truly inspirational and the UK has some amazing coastal pathways. Why not try a visit to Dorset  to explore some of the best scenery the UK has to offer – now that is how to make walking less boring indeed!


Ways to Make Walking less boring


How to make walking less boring for kids

Check out my book A year of nature walks and games to find a host of brilliant way on how to make walks a lot more fun for kids.


How to Make Walking Less Boring



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