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How to make your home look happier

Today – How to make your home look happier

We all long for a happy home don’t we?

Of course, having a happy home is everything to do with the people who live in. It is about attitude of positivity, respect for each other and shared love. But there are other things that are important too,  things that make a home LOOK happier and this is what I am going to focus on today.


How to make your home look happier


How to make your home look happier

So what works to make a home look happier? Lots of things actually add a happy vibe to a home but here are my top 10.

    1. Flowers always brighten and add life and colour to any home They are also a beautiful treat which speaks of someone loving you enough to buy them or grow them for you – even if that person is yourself. Inside and outs
    2. Photographs – you cannot ever beat the personal touch and photographs speak of memories and relationships and always add a happy vibe to any home
    3. Lights – a well lit home always looks happier than a dark and gloomy one   Infinity fixed roof lights by TuffX Glass allow in beautiful natural light and allow you to cloud watch and see the stars! guaranteed to make you smile
    4. A beautifully scented home always lifts the spirits and I love clean linen or a lime scent to add some zing
    5. I am all for white and minimalism but a splash of colour always looks cheerful so if you don’t want it on your walls perhaps you could colour up your accessories?
    6. Cosy fabrics – home should speak of comfort and a warm embrace that should feel secure and comforting. Snuggly blankets and soft textured rugs are the answer as are the plumpest of pillows and cushions
    7. Clean homes look happier – they just do, they look tended and cared for.
    8. Books – In my mind a happy home always has books. I just love books this may be a personal choice! They always make me smile
    9. Add in a bit you – your home should absolutely refect you and it is important to stamp your personality on it, whether that be by a piece of art you love or something you have made by hand.
    10. Another tip on how to make your home look happier and feel happier is to let it be enjoyed. Whilst clean matters, tidying can be done at the end of the day. Let people kick back, relax, play in and enjoy your home and it will absolutely be a happy one.

How to make your home look happier


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how to make your home look happier

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