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Make your Home More Elegant and Stylish on a Budget

Have you wondered how to make your home more elegant and stylish on a budget ?

Feeling like your home is missing that unique attractive style you desire, it is time to make a dedicated effort to infuse some personality and creativity into your space. Most people focus on furnishing spaces and blow through the budget, missing the small details that don’t have to break the bank but make all the difference!


Making your home more elegant and stylish on a budget

1) Back to Basics by Accessorizing

By simply adding simple accessories to your home, you can make a room come alive. Un-accessorized spaces feel boring, sterile and frankly quite impersonal. Layer in accessories after furnishing your home, this will give your space a sense of personality. These budget friendly ways to accessorize will go a long way in making your home more stylish:

  • Ensure all your shelves are filled with attractively covered, well-arranged books.
  • Put some throw pillows on your sofas and add a stylish painting on the living room wall. Ensure the color of the painting compliments the color pattern of the accent pillows.

decor-pillows, Home More Elegant

image source: Jonathan Adler

  • Incorporate simple things such as sachet packets for drawers, scented candles or a creative display of pretty bottles to add vibrancy to a dull room.
  • Add a stylish vase and fill it with fresh flowers to make your bedroom exude that extra homey feel.

2) Lighting Makes a Big Difference in a Small Space

Home More Elegant

image source: GoHaus

Most contractors suggest standard light fixtures that they’ve used over and over again in multiple homes. You don’t have to conform to this practice, add some designer light fixtures to add more sophistication and elegance to your home. The standard chandelier just doesn’t cut anymore if your goal is ultimate elegance and style. High end light fixtures are not as expensive as you would assume. You can find great and affordable designer lighting pieces in flea markets and second-hand stores. Be sure to have multiple light sources including floor lamps and table lamps throughout the home, this will significantly open up a small or tight space and boost the sophisticated ambiance.


3) Go for Luxury Vinyl or Laminate Flooring instead of Real Wood

Most Americans favor hardwood over luxury vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring without considering how affordable the latter methods are. When dealing with hardwood you have to worry about moisture, spills, and scratches that frequently occur in a high traffic area like the kitchen or hallways.

Dining Room And Kitchen Interior

Luxury vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are quite similar. Both flooring methods are extremely versatile in color because they use 3-D printing that resembles stone and hardwood. Additionally, both flooring techniques are easily replaceable as compared to carpeting; this is because only the plank needs to be removed. These flooring techniques give your home that classic and elegant feel that makes the home more pleasant and welcoming.

Since vinyl is completely water resistant it can serve well in spaces that have a susceptibility to moisture and water, or places vulnerable to leakages. This make vinyl flooring ideal for high traffic spaces and is much more affordable than real wood. You can get vinyl is almost any style and color and most vinyl come in a DIY friendly click and lock construction making installation a breeze.

These three design techniques will go a long wayin answering the question  of how to make your home more elegant and stylish



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    September 2, 2016 / 11:56 am

    Great tips; you’ve got a great eye! x

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