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How To Make Your Home The Ultimate Party Pad

Make Your Home The Ultimate Party Pad


Make Your Home The Ultimate Party Padwith bifold doors

Having friends and loved ones over for a fun BBQ evening, Sunday brunch, winter bonfire, or a dinner get-together is a great way to catch up, enjoy everybody’s company and maintain strong ties with the ones that matter to you the most. However, all this lovely pastime can be quite challenging if your living area has regular patio doors installed.


Wouldn’t it be just great if you could connect your patio or garden area with your home every time you wanted to organise a party? The good news is that this function can be delivered via bi-fold doors, which you will only need to stack to a side to allow easy access to and from your patio or garden. Can you think of a better way to design your living room for that kind of entertaining?


Why Bifold Doors?

The outstanding views – First of all, you get superb views of your blooming garden or your beautiful surroundings, given that they are made up of glass, be it tinted or clear, depending on your personal preferences and requirements for privacy.


Money-saving solution – Bi-fold doors are a cost-effective solution compared to, say, building a conservatory for the same purpose. Plus, the ample light that will shower your space enables you to save money on power bills while preventing the heated air from getting out in winters (and the air-conditioned air in the summertime). Also, many manufacturers now produce thermally broken bi-folding doors for added energy efficiency.


Improve value for the home – Installing bi-folding doors contributes to boosting the value of your property, whether you want to rent it out or sell it.


Functionality & practicality – Let’s not forget the various design options you have (even custom-made bi-folding doors) that can give your home an appealing look. From having between 2-7 panes that fold on both directions, bullet or earthquake-proof glass, ultra-slim frames, a palette of more than 150 colours, and dual of single colour coatings with marine quality, to many different handles to choose from, plenty of configurations, and various types of high security locking systems, you will be spoilt for choice.


Improved safety – The enhanced safety features that come with contemporary bi-folding doors, such as the multi-locking mechanisms and reinforced hinge bolts, make them ideal options when the only thing you want to worry about is how to have a fantastic time with your guests and family.


How to choose bi-fold doors for endless parties

To create the perfect party pad with bi-folding patio doors, do pick out models that can open up wide. That way, you can ensure your guests and your loved ones have plenty of room to enjoy and entertain themselves without feeling restrained or confined in a small space. If you are a true party lover and adore the idea of getting together with friends or your extended family as often as possible, then perhaps you could consider covering an entire exterior wall with bi-folding doors.


The visual effect will be indeed remarkable as it will allow you to bring the outside in, even when your bi-folding doors are still shut. Plus, you instantly transform the area, giving it an enticing sensation of openness, where the energy flows uninterrupted within it. Simply put, the wider the bifolding doors, the better your party pad is going to be eventually.


Before you decide how your bi-folding doors will look like, make sure you look for a trusted brand to manufacture yours with a lot of experience in the space. After all, you do want your investment to last for a long time, don’t you? Another important factor to take into account is who will be handling your bi-fold door project.


Proper installation is critical to relish the full benefits of a well manufactured bi-folding door and avoid frequent repairs (hence, unnecessary costs). There is no reason to struggle with opening and closing your doors every time you are throwing a party to the point you must ask your guests to give you a hand with the doors instead of allowing them to enjoy themselves at your party.


Final Tips to Make Your Home The Ultimate Party Pad 

  • Creating a threshold that is barely noticeable is key for a seamless transition between exterior and interior spaces. Prefer a low threshold for a flush finish but do take into consideration rain penetration, especially if the exposed wall faces west or south.
  • You may use vertical blinds or screens that can be drawn from the door jamb or move horizontally and retract to screen your bifold doors when you want some more privacy.
  • Concerning the way the weight of the doors is supported, you should look for a system that is designed for bifold doors exclusively. For smoother operation, you could consider wheels that run in flat tracks rather than raised ones.

Swapping a concrete wall in your living area with a gorgeous set of bifold doors is a superb solution if you are focused on turning your garden or patio into an entertainment hotspot that provides easy access in and out of the home. At the same time, you create a cosy and inviting space for family members and friends to enjoy.


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