How to make your pet instagram famous

How to make your pet Instagram famous

How to make your pet instagram famous



How to make your pet Instagram famous and why would you want to?


pet instagram famous


Are you wondering how to make your pet Instagram famous? ( Blimey I wish I coudl make MYSELF Instagram famous I have been trying to get my numbers up for YEARS)

It may be that you love your pet so much you just absolutely want the world to see how completely fabulous they are.

Instagram can be a good way to reach a huge audience so maybe this is why you want your pet to be Instagram famous?

Maybe you think if your pet is famous you will get sponsorship and earn lots of money. Well, it is a possibility,  advertisers love to be featured on popular Instagram accounts.

Whatever your reason you are going to need a few Instagram tips up your sleeve to get the Instafamous status that you crave for your pet.


How to make your pet Instagram famous – 5 top tips

It’s not so hard to become Instagram famous try following these 5 steps to get your pet the celebrity they deserve.


1. Get them pictured with a celebrity

Someone you know will know someone who knows a celebrity. Find out where they hang out then get your pet and you to hang out nearby.

Take a snap with you and them in the frame, tag the celeb in your photo and that’s it!


2. How to make your pet Instagram famous? Take a perfect photo

To get the perfect photo you have to take many and practice makes perfect. Do keep your camera to hand at all times and snap away as soon as your pet is doing something sweet.


3. Post regularly

Instastars post all the time so there is never a day off for your instafamous pet.


4. Keep your pet happy

If you are wanting your pet to look good and behave like a star you need to keep them happy. HiHouse pet supplies will have all you need to keep them happy and looking their best.


5. How to make your pet famous – Use 9 hashtags

Apparently, posts with 9 hashtags have been shown to get the best engagement on Instagram. Make sure you use 9!


How to make your pet instagram famous


So there you go 5 steps on the path of how to make your best pal Instagram famous – I hope it works for you! It could lead to a whole lucrative and flourishing career for both of you sometime soon!


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