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How to make your windows look amazing

How to make your windows look amazing – top tips.



How to make your windows look amazing

Do you wonder how to make your windows look amazing? Windows are such an important feature in a home, aren’t they? Not only fdo they let in glorious daylight they also allow in the fresh air. Both these things can make a tremendous difference to how a home looks and feels. I always like to see gorgeous and well-dressed steel windows.



What to look for with a window

My first prority with windows is that they are safe and functional. You want to be sure your home isn’t easy to break into and you want to be sure that structurally your windows are sound and well sealed. Obviously double/triple glazing has huge benefits with regard to energy consumption and keeping in /keeping out heat and this may be an investment you want to look into. I know when comes to buying a home that structure/safety and composition of windows is high up there on my list. This means that whilst you might see  it as expensive to get your windows fixed or upgraded it is actually an investment. Good quality windows are an investment that will pay dividends with your energy bills and when you come to selling your home. 

In terms of styles, I am a huge lover of Sash windows in old properties I think they look fabulous.  I also love roof windows too as they just allow light to stream in (and you can see the stars). Big bay windows are always glorious, aren’t they? I do feel a window should be in keeping with the style of a home where possible to provide a cohesive design look.


Window dressings to make your windows look amazing

Curtains, blinds or shutters?

Whilst I can appreciate why people love curtains I have never had them in my home. I do like to see long floaty sheer curtains in a bedroom or heavy, dark, velvet curtains in a large lounge in winter but that is about it. I do love shutters, big, white wooden shutters always think they look very Mediterranean and chic and yet perhaps not for a family home? I do worry about little fingers.

In my home, I have blinds throughout. It is the solution I think is best for most family homes as they are functional, sleek and look modern. You can also get them in a huge variety of materials and colours and designs to compliment the rest of your home design and decor. However, another great option for a family home could be roller window shutters, which offer the same sleek and modern look as blinds but with the added benefits of enhanced insulation, noise reduction, and increased security.

Make My Blinds is a wonderful online store where you can pick from a huge array of blinds and give our exact specifications. They do roller blinds and Venetian blinds, roof window blinds, and door blinds. They also have a wide variety of colours available you just give your measurements.  Make my blinds also sell perfect fit blinds have you heard of these?


How to make your windows look amazing

PerfectFit blinds – How to make your windows look amazing

PerfectFit blinds are ideal for aluminum bifold doors, patio doors, French doors, conservatory windows, and most UPVC windows. What makes them special is that at within their own frame, these blinds are modern and stylish in your windows and don’t require any drilling. No drilling. How fabulous does that sound folks?

If you aren’t great at DIY,  Make My Blinds also have some helpful, DIY videos you can watch to show you how to fit every kind of blind.



These vinyl stained glass window stickers also make a great impact and are well worth checking out for something a little different.


Windows really do make an impact on a home. Keeping them sparkly clean is only one step towards making them gorgeous. They are often overlooked but in my opinion they really are worth the bother.


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