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How to Organise and Tidy Away Your Holiday Items at Home

How to Organise and Tidy Away Your Holiday Items

Whether you live in a snug flat or your home is overrun with your children’s toys, finding the space to neatly stow away anything you won’t be needing for a while can be difficult. It’s no wonder we find ourselves putting off unpacking after we get back from our holiday. But with our tips, you can re-think the way you tidy away your holiday items, including suitcases and, in turn, be able to more efficiently pack the next time you jet off.


Organise and Tidy Away Your Holiday


How to Organise and Tidy Away Your Holiday Items at Home


Holiday Washbag

Use your washbag as a way to keep those products you only use whilst you’re away all in one place. From tanning oil to sun cream, insect repellent and mini first aid kits. Keep it all in a washbag specifically for when you go away, and you won’t have to sift through all your products when it comes to frantic packing. You can even then store your washbag within your suitcase so it’s all there ready for you when you’re ready to next unearth it. It can even function as a holiday starter kit, with other essentials like your travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Ensure you check expiry dates, though. Even if you holiday annually, you might find your sun cream is less protective and be at risk of burning your skin.



Suitcases are perhaps the most awkward thing to store away. Left out in plain sight, they’re not particularly pretty items to look at and their size and shape doesn’t lend itself to be easily hidden away when not in use. However, there are a number of ways we think you should consider when finding storage for your suitcase.



Many choose to simply tuck underneath their bed or place up in the loft space. Out of sight, out of mind, right? You can also place up on a high shelf in your wardrobe if you’re able to. A great idea is to hang it from a sturdy, heavy duty nail, either in your garage or in your garden shed if it is a dry and clear area.

Ultimately storage is all about being innovative and making the most of what you have in terms of space. Why not fill your suitcase up with anything else you want tidied away, like extra towels, books or shoes? If you have more than one suitcase of different sizes, like a cabin sized suitcase, you could even take the Russian doll approach and tuck one inside the other. Whatever you do, remember to give yourself an extra inch of space by making sure you’ve done up the zip allowing for more space when packing.



Organising your clothing by season could be the way to not only organise your holiday items, but also in creating more space in your wardrobe all year round. Why not use your suitcase as a place to put away any items of clothing you only wear when you’re abroad, whether that’s ski trousers and jackets, or shorts, dresses and bikinis you reserve for sandy beach walks. When it comes to finding the space to store holiday items, you then only have to consider tucking away the suitcase and not a pile of clothes, too.



It’s a nightmare when you can’t locate your passport right before you’re leaving for the airport. Not least because of the amount it costs to re-new one and the long application process. Pop it into an envelope clearly marked, along with any other travel documentation. Include anything else relevant that you have like visas, travel money and travel insurance if you go for annual policies. Ensure it’s in a safe place that is organised, rather than chucking it along with everything else you’ve yet to sort out. A locked office drawer where sticky hands can’t get it would be our suggestion or in your bedside table.


Activity Holidays

If your holidays often entail activities like hiking holidays and going skiing, you’ll have even more items to cater for. A lot of your larger ski equipment, like skis or a snowboard, are better off being assigned space in your attic with the correct protective bag to ensure it is safe and doesn’t get damaged against other items.

For your other ski holiday accessories, tuck gloves and socks in and around your ski boots in its bag. For items like walking sticks, you could look to hang them from coat hooks, underneath so they’re out of sight.



Not only do these tips help in finding different ways to store away holiday items, but you can also expect to have a more stress-free packing experience next time around. Bringing a lot of your holiday items together when you store them away, you’ll spend less time trying to locate anything with it all clustered together in one place. You might even find yourself half way to being packed by tucking your washbag and products inside your suitcase.

Alice is a travel writer for Parking at Airports, finding out all the ways you can save money when you go away as well as offering some of the best holiday tips.


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    Holiday preparation can be hard yes but if we organize we can enjoy the holidays.

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