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How to overcome a fear of home decorating

Today – How to overcome a fear of home decorating


How to overcome a fear of home decorating



Let’s work on how to overcome a fear of home decorating.

I want to share with you how to overcome a fear of home decorating.

I have a fear of painting my own walls which, considering an I run two home and interior blogs, may sound a little ridiculous.

I am not completely sure where this fear came from but I do remember once having a go and making a complete hash of painting a wall bright yellow.

It did not go well.

It looked streaky, hairs were caught into the wall paint, the ceiling paint merged into the different coloured wall paint and it all had to be redone. It took SUCH an effort for absolutely dreadful results. Actually, on reflection, this is what probably really put me off doing it myself for so many years.

I have a really great guy who comes and decorates for me and he is speedy and does a good job. The problem I have is sometimes I just need something touching up, sometimes I am low on funds but my walls seriously need decorating and sometimes he just is not available (because he is so good) and it can be hard to find good reliable painters. because of ALL these reasons I know I needed to be brave and have another go at decorating.

A month or so ago I (rather stupidly) left the bath running in our upstairs bathroom and started watching a show on Netflix (oops.) Before I realised water began streaming down the walls in the downstairs kitchen and pooling on the floor.


It dried out eventually as did my tears but the walls were left with yellowing stains. Not enough that I need to call in my decorator but actually just a small job that I really did feel I could tackle myself.


Time to be brave.


How to overcome a fear of home decorating – top tips

I got some good paint..Johnsons brilliant white kitchen paint, to match what we had initially used and, of course, this time I had the right brushes. No cheaper, lose their hair brushes for me.

I used a set from Harris brushes called the Blade set which is perfect for accurate neat ceiling work. Thes erae SUCH lovely qualty brushes. Harris have been designing brushes since 1928 so they definately know what they are doing and all their brushes come with a lifetime guarantee.

How to overcome a fear of home decorating

These are so easy to use I felt really in control of where the paint was going.

These brushes have some fabulous features:

  • They have  synthetic filaments aking  the brush easier to control and holds its shape, which makes painting easier,
  • You get reduced paint drips for a neater finish, less mess and less time spent cleaning up afterwards.
  • The brushes have a stainless steel ferrule means there’s no need to worry about rust and the patented Blade technology means you can achieve outstanding precision without masking tape and paint neatly along even the tiniest edge for a stress-free finish.

So what looked like a daunting job was really super simple. Having good tools makes such a difference and I will be even braver next time and attempt to paint a whole wall! There a lot of benefits to being able to ‘do it yourself’ particularly when it is just a small, touch up job. Next time I shall be unfazed!

I hope you have enjoyed my post on how to overcome a fear of home decorating – I’d love to hear how you have tacked your fear!  You can find more of my home and interior posts here


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