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How to Paint Radiators ( & some cool radiator designs)

Here’s a guide to how to paint radiators…

  • Turn the radiator off
  • Ventilate the room by opening doors and windows
  • Give the radiator a wipe down
  • Sand it down
  • Apply primer
  • Apply radiator paint

See it is simple right?


How to Paint Radiators


How to paint radiators – a visual guide



Cool Radiator Designs

Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, so you have to make sure it looks exquisite and fits your requirements.

Installing a new design radiator is one of the best ways to make your home unique. There is no need for you to spend on a major home makeover. All you need to do is to select a suitable modern design radiator (Do you know that the Dutch term is Moderne design radiator) to enhance the beauty of your home. So here are some excellent ways of using modern radiators for interior designing.


1. Create a Picket Fence Effect

The Picket Fence design radiator is an unorthodox heating unit. It looks exactly like a picket fence complete with authentic-looking gate locks and knobs. You can bring the outdoors inside your home by utilizing this kind of radiator.


2. Constantly Change Wall Design with Twist Radiator

Twist Radiator is one of the most unique wall mounted radiator systems. It looks like domino tiles and you can easily move these tiles to change the shape of the radiator. This design radiator is perfect if you want to frequently change the style of your wall décor.


cool radiator designs


3. Use Portable Design Radiator

A portable designer radiator can keep your interior design always fresh. One option available for you is a modular radiator. This radiator has a modern flair and you can easily change the arrangement of the modules to create different patterns.


4. Create Floral Wall Accents

The Flower Radiator is an excellent decorative piece. The heating system is hidden by colorful aluminum flowers. They are suitable for the room of a bachelorette.


5. Free Standing Design Radiator

To make a room unique, you should also use unique decorative radiator. The free standing stacked radiator is a good option. The heating tubes are stacked and colorful. You can use this unit as a living room or bedroom décor.


6. Circular Radiator Pieces

Have you seen a design radiator shaped like an oversized donut? This kind of radiator is a perfect wall mounted décor. It is minimalist and fits perfectly in any type of room.


7. The Lego-like Radiator

To make a room livelier and colorful, you can use the Lego Radiator. This heating system is shaped like an oversized Lego block. It comes in various shapes and colors and perfect for children’s rooms.


cool radiator designs


8. The Stacked Dice Radiator

You can use a dice radiator unit to create a unique look for a room. This design radiator looks like giant dice. You can stack each dice or arrange the pieces randomly to achieve a very unique design.

9. Oversized Paper Clips Wall Decors – Cool Radiator Designs

If you have a home office, why not use the Paper Clip radiator to make it more unique. As the name implies, this design radiator is shaped like a giant paper clip. You can use several pieces in a room and arrange them in any way you want.

10. Painting Radiator

If you love to hang paintings on the wall, then you will surely love the Painting Radiator. This kind of design radiator does not look like a heating system. It looks more like a work of art. There are different frame shapes available for you and the painted images are very attractive. They are perfect for all kinds of rooms.


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