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How to Pair Your Favourite Games with Music

Today – How to Pair Your Favourite Games with Music

Gaming and music go hand-in-hand. To find out how you can pair your favourite games with music, be sure to read on.

How to Pair Your Favourite Games with Music

Choose music that suits the style of the game

By opting to listen to music that suits the tone and style of the game that you are playing perfectly, you could very well end up improving your gaming experiences tenfold. Finding the perfect partnership in this instance will help you to add another layer of excitement to your gaming, which in turn will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

When searching for the perfect tunes in this instance, it’s important to take the genre of the games that you play into account. Some game categories will be better suited to certain types of music, whereas others won’t be. For example, you wouldn’t play a calm, tranquil game like Animal Crossing with heavy thrash music playing in the background.


Do your research

If you really don’t a clue what music is best suited to the games that you play, don’t be afraid to seek advice from others who have attempted to pair games and music in the past. By simply performing a bit of research in this instance, you will likely uncover a source of information that helps you to find what you’re looking for.

For example, Richard Cave has gone into great detail in the past about what music should be listened to while playing casino games. In the Medium article that he posted on the matter, he addressed the fact that casino games are linked intrinsically to adrenaline. As a result, he chose music that is best listened by people that are in the midst of an adrenaline rush.

For poker, he chose high-tempo songs, such as ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers and ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Elvis Presley; for blackjack, he chose classy songs, such as the aptly titled ‘Blackjack’ by Ray Charles and ‘Luck Be a Lady’ by Frank Sinatra; and for baccarat, he chose songs that have a definitive ‘James Bond’ feel to them. No matter what casino games you choose to play, whether this is slots online or poker, you can be sure that there will always be a song out there that is capable of making your gaming experiences ten times better.


Don’t pick music that is too distracting

The last thing you want is your gaming experiences to be ruined because the music that you play is too distracting. Image this, you’re playing FIFA, you’re baring down on the goal, and you’re ready to put the ball into the back of the net. All of a sudden, a loud screeching sound emanates from your stereo (because you’re listening to a particularly aggressive genre of music, such as punk rock) and the noise is loud enough to distract you. This then results in you, quite literally, taking your eye off the ball and subsequently missing the perfect chance to score.

If you want music to improve your gaming experiences, you must ensure that the songs that you choose aren’t at all distracting. More importantly, you must ensure that you play your tunes at an appropriate volume. This will stop you from being sidetracked while you are gaming, and ultimately allows you to focus solely on the games that you play.


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