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How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

If you’re looking for ideas to plan a marriage proposal, but you’re not quite sure just how to go about the task, here are some helpful tips to get you started with how to plan a marriage proposal.


How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

Planning a marriage proposal is fairly straightforward if you know what you are doing. But in most cases for the soon-to-be-engaged, this is foreign territory. There are specific things that you can do to make the planning process easier. The key is taking it to step by step, and focusing on one thing at a time.


Start off with finding the perfect engagement ring.

Shop for the Engagement Ring

Before you can do anything else, the most important first step is finding that perfect engagement ring. And of course, you must do this all in secret. If you want your partner to be surprised, you need to find ways around keeping ‘the ring’ a complete secret from her. The best way to do so is to shop online.


How to Shop for an Engagement Ring Online:

  • Shop according to your budget – There are thousands of designs to choose from online, but the best way to narrow down your search and make it a lot easier for yourself is to shop according to your budget. You’ll find that 2 Carat Engagement Rings are the most popular choices for affordable diamond ring designs.
  • Check online reviews – To be on the safe side, read as many online reviews about the jewelry shops you are browsing through. You’ll find honest and unbiased reviews from real customers on Google Reviews or Facebook. These will give you a good idea of what to expect from the service and products sold by specific jewelers.
  • Take your time researching – The same ring designs will differ significantly in prices, depending on what jewelry shop sells them. For example, a 1 Carat Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring will cost 5x more from a luxury label than it will from a standard jewelry shop. Take your time researching to get the best price for a beautiful ring.


How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

Shopping for a ring online is a lot easier and more affordable than going to your local jewelry shop. As soon as you have a ring handy, the next step is to plan a marriage proposal.

A Guide on How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

With a ring on hand, or on its way to your doorstep, it’s time to start planning how you’ll pop the big question. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what to do.

Step 1 – Set a Date

It’s important to appoint a specific date when you plan a marriage proposal, as you can only reserve or book around this actual day. Try to find out what day will be the best for both you and your partner. It has to be the day of the week when you know that you can invite her out or make plans with her, without work or anything else getting in the way.


The best time to plan a marriage proposal around is either the weekend, your partner’s days off, or the evening after work, if you know she has nothing particularly important planned or will most likely have time off to relax.

Step 2 – Get Some Help

If you want your marriage proposal to go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to ask for a few helpful hands. This is even more important you are struggling to keep the proposal a big secret. Ask for help from family and friends. People who can do specific tasks for you, to help you keep this all a big secret.


You can delegate specific tasks such as:

  • Keeping the ring safe
  • Reserving a table at a restaurant
  • Taking care of bookings
  • Keeping your partner busy while you prepare for the proposal


This will make things a lot easier, and less stressful, giving you the chance to truly enjoy every moment of this big milestone in your life.

Step 3 – Find a Way to Document the Proposal

The proposal will definitely require some form of documentation. The shock and emotional rollercoaster you’ll experience as you get down on one knee may mean that you get completely lost in the moment. Whether it is photos or videos, it is absolutely essential that you find a way to have this documented.

You can ask the establishment you are planning to propose at, maybe hire a professional, or ask a family member or friend to help make this happen for you. The important thing is that there’s something you look back on when you both come back down to earth and realize that you got completely lost in the thrill of the big proposal.

How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

Step 4 – Plan a ‘Plan B’

Things may not always go as planned. And with such a big surprise on the line, it’s important to plan for an instance when you have to call the entire mission off. This might be from an emergency, or it might suddenly not be a good time for your partner. There are several possible reasons that you have to stop. A safe word and a Plan B will save you in this instance.


There are two good reasons why you should take your time as you plan a marriage proposal. The first is to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. The more time you take to plan it, the better your plan will be. The second reason is to allow yourself to really enjoy this incredible moment. Slow down and appreciate this special and significant time in your life.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

You’re ready to propose, and you have the ring. The problem now is how od you actually propose. Here are some fun, easy, and affordable marriage proposal ideas to consider.

Plan a Trip

If you and your partner love a good getaway trip somewhere foreign or familiar, this is a great idea for a marriage proposal. You can choose to fly somewhere you’ve never been before, and propose to your partner somewhere beautiful. Or you can choose to go on a road trip somewhere closer to home.


A trip is a great idea for a proposal as, if it is planned ahead of time, you can guarantee that your partner will be away from work and other responsibilities, and nothing can ruin your big plan.

Surprise Her at Home

Pop the big question in a way that she will least expect it. This means making a big surprise at home. Think of the moment Monica proposed to Chandler in Friends. She decorated her entire apartment with candles. Do something beautiful and unexpected in your own home.


You can do it in your living room, bedroom, or garden. Bring out the best of your romantic side, get wine, her favorite food, flowers, candles, and dress to impress. The best thing about this choice to propose is that it is affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to get this right.

Re-Create Your First Date

Take her down memory lane and plan a date that resembles your very first date together. This sweet gesture will make the entire night feel nostalgic and comfortable. And when your partner least expects it, you get down on one knee and propose. Do you have goosebumps? We do!


This is a great way to bring your entire relationship into a full circle. Go back in time with her and remember how you first met, all to finally ask her to spend the rest of your life together. It’s definitely a proposal she’ll remember forever.

Get the Entire Family Involved

One way to make the proposal extremely special is to get your closest friends and family involved. Get the entire crew together for a night of drinks and fun. And catch your partner completely off guard as you ask for her hand in marriage in front of everyone you love.

This is perfect if you’re finding it difficult to create a big surprise for your partner. With your family and friends in on the surprise, your partner will never catch on. This will be the surprise you always wanted it to be.

Conclusion: Enjoy every second of your proposal

From shopping for an engagement ring to everything you need to do to plan a marriage proposal, the important part is that you enjoy this moment. Don’t let this stress you out or become a buden. If you can help it, it’s best to take your time planning the entire process. You only have one chance to get this right. Might as well make sure this is the best proposal you could have ever asked for.


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