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How to Prepare for and Welcome Your friends with their Children to Your Home

Humans are, by nature, social creatures. Undergoing the pandemic and all the social distancing involved was a difficult mental and emotional transition. Now that life has returned to a semblance of normality, enjoy the sunshine, and invite your loved ones over. Whether it’s for a scorching BBQ, for a G&T under the canopy or even for a cup of tea, inviting your friends and family to your home is a great way to reconnect and socialise.

However, if you have friends or relatives who have children, you might want to prepare for the unexpected in case of accidents and injuries that might occur.

Why socialising with your friends and family is important as we age

For many older adults, maintaining an active social life starts to prove difficult, declining with health and energy. Add in mobility issues and an individual can become isolated very quickly unless they have a carer committed to helping them meet their friends. Social isolation can lead to emotional strain as well as high blood pressure and an overall decline in physical health.

Social engagement is something we all need, no matter how antisocial we may feel at times. Research has shown that regular interactions can lead to good mental health, a sense of belonging, higher self-esteem and increased cognitive functioning.


Welcome Your friends with their Children to Your Home

The best ways to prepare your home for the arrival of your friends and their children

For younger adults with teenage children, all of you will know how frustrating it can be as your kids grow older. Suddenly they’re too cool for you, play hours of video games and would rather spend their day with someone they’ve only just met over you. A great way to ensure that you still get time with them is by making your home a haven for them and their friends.

Having a non-judgemental, welcoming attitude will see your kids and their friends flock to your home. Make them all feel like part of the family, encourage them to be open about their opinions and listen carefully to what they have to say. If the chatter slows down, whip out a board game or set up the Badminton set in the garden. You don’t want the kids to be bored! If you expect them to be charging around your rented house, consider taking out tenants’ contents insurance if you’re worried about damages.


Finally, get some food going. Make your food choices according to the audience, even let the kids help in the prep to give them a sense of home and hit ‘play’ on a pre-approved (by kids and parents) playlist. Your house will be their new favourite hangout in no time!



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