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How to Prepare for Moving Home to a New Area

Moving home can be an immensely stressful – especially if you’re travelling a long distance to an unfamiliar part of the country, or the world.

If you prepare adequately, however, then you can make the move that little bit more manageable. So, exactly what might that preparation look like? Let’s consider a few key steps.


How to Prepare for Moving Home to a New Area

How to Prepare for Moving Home to a New Area

Research the area you’re moving to

The more that you know about your would-be destination, the better. You should have a strong understanding of public transport in the area, as well as schools and leisure activities. Is the estate going to be stressful to drive around? Are there any big events which might impact your quality of life?

Pay off your Bills

You should make sure that your bills are paid for on your old property, and that you’ve observed the right procedure for transferring them to your new home. Get in touch with your provider to ensure that everything’s been done properly.

Change your Addresses

You’ll need to notify everyone who sends you mail that you’ve moved house. This applies especially to government agencies like the DVLA, who’ll need to send you correspondence to which you’re legally obliged to reply.


If you’re moving from one end of the country to another, you might find it more convenient to put your belongings into temporary storage. This will ensure that you’re able to cope with any small delays in the process. For example, if you’ve moving from the South to the Northwest, you might research self-storage facilities in Liverpool.

Planning Removals

If you’ve got the appropriate license, then you might find it more economical to take care of the removals yourself. Bear in mind that if you rent the van and pack it yourself, you might find that you aren’t insured against any damage that you accidentally inflict while you’re loading and unloading. With that said, you might save a considerable amount by doing it yourself. When you’re budgeting, make sure that you account for the cost of fuel, and the time you’ll commit to loading and unloading. Although, should you decide to have professionals do it instead and stay within your budget, you can use sites like Moving Soon and get free removal quotes to move houses.

Final Steps

You want to ensure that your property is comfortable enough to get you through the first few nights, even when your belongings haven’t been unpacked. Label all your boxes so that you know where to take it when you get to the other side. Make sure that you set aside a box of essential supplies that you can open up when you arrive.

You’ll also want to be able to eat with minimal hassle. This tends to mean researching all of the local takeaways and getting one to deliver. Go for something reliable from a chain restaurant – you’ll probably be exhausted, and the time won’t be right for experimentation.


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