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How To Protect Your Teen From Driving Risks: A Handy Guide For Parents

Statistically speaking, your teen will probably start driving soon. You know that you need to teach them about defensive driving and safety precautions, but where do you begin? Read on to learn more about the information they should have before getting behind the wheel of a car.


How To Protect Your Teen From Driving Risks



Enroll Them In a Driving School

One of the most important things you can do for your teen’s safety is to enroll them in a driving school. Driving courses are offered by local businesses, community colleges, and universities. These courses are helpful because they allow you to learn about various types of insurance coverage that are available for new drivers. According to the folks at https://www.l-team-driving.co.uk/, the best way to make your driving lessons comfortable & enjoyable is to learn driving from highly experienced driving instructors. Most driving schools offer student discounts and amazing deals that will elevate the driving experience of your teen. An added benefit is that you obtain a professional driver’s license once you are done with your course.


Teach Them Defensive Driving

It is important that your teen understands defensive driving techniques before they get on the road. One of the most basic rules you should teach them is to be hyper-vigilant while behind the wheel. Teach them everything you know about defensive driving, and how it can help save lives. For instance, if you’ve had an accident at work before, you’ll be able to teach them everything you know about defensive driving, and how it can help save lives. Demonstrate good communication while you’re on the road with them, and point out examples of bad communication while you’re driving together. You can also take classes online or through a community college so that you can learn more yourself! 

Making sure your teen follows all traffic laws is another important step in keeping them safe when they drive. They should know that if they commit a traffic violation, or break any law behind the wheel, you will take away their license. They should also understand the consequences of injuring someone while driving, and how it affects everyone involved. Some experts say that having an open dialogue about these issues with your teen is one of the best ways to help them learn what is expected of them on the road.


Talk About Driving With Them Before They Start Driving

Your teens are probably eager to get their first car as soon as possible. You may feel that because they are so excited about driving, this could be a good time to have “the talk” with them about driving safety before they actually begin driving. By starting this conversation early, you can establish positive habits in their mind. If you bring up driving at the wrong time, however, they may end up tuning out what you’re trying to tell them. Make sure that your children are ready before initiating this conversation with them. 


Road Signs 

Teaching your teen about road signs is also important. Teach them that each of the red octagon signs they come across is a stop sign and that they should always bring their vehicle to a stop when approaching these signs. This will help them avoid running red lights, which could end up causing fatalities if there are other cars on the road at the time. Signs with yellow circles indicate yield signs and require drivers to slow down and prepare to stop whenever necessary. Make sure your teens understand how these signs work before their first time seeing one out on the road by themselves!


School Zones

Particular attention should be paid to school zones because it’s where many accidents tend to happen involving young drivers. Even though traffic laws require drivers to slow down whenever they’re within one thousand feet of a school zone, it is important that your teen understand these rules better than anyone else. Make sure to teach your teen how close they need to be in order for the speed limit to apply.


Teach Your Teen How To Handle Emergencies 

It’s important that you teach them how to handle emergencies while driving. This means teaching them how to deal with tire blow-outs, fender benders, stalled cars, and more. If they come across an accident or busted cars on the road while driving by themselves for the first time, chances are they will freeze up behind the wheel. Teach them what kind of reactions are appropriate when facing unexpected situations while driving. Helping your teens stay safe on the road is a huge responsibility, so make sure to cover all of these topics with them before they get their first car! If you emphasize safety and responsibility while they’re still in the learning stage behind the wheel, you can help them avoid costly mistakes when they’re out on the road with their friends.



While it is natural for teens to want to drive as soon as they can, it is important that they know their limits behind the wheel. It’s not only safer for them – but for everyone on the road. Parents can help their teens by enrolling them in a driving school, teaching defensive driving techniques, setting clear boundaries & expectations, and making sure they talk about driving with their kids before getting behind the wheel. You never know when a disaster could occur, so being prepared is extremely important!


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