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How To Provide Your Home With More Space

There is nothing more annoying than having all of these great ideas for your home, of ways that you can make it magical and unique, and full of personality, but not having the space that you need to do so. It can be such a frustrating feeling that leaves you defeated before you’ve even started trying. But luckily, there are ways to get around the issue. There are tips and tricks that you are able to do that give your space the appearance of being bigger, as well as actually making it larger too.

How To Provide Your Home With More Space

Here’s how.


Clean out the doom room

Almost everyone that has an extra room in their home will make it the place that holds all that unnecessary storage. You may have not planned on it being that, but when you first move in, most of you will assign a room to keep all the things that you haven’t yet decided on where to put. Then time passes, dust collects, and you’re stuck with a storage room that never gets looked at. So bite the bullet and have a sort out. Go through all those bags and boxes, and decide what you really need, and what’s just taking up valuable space. It is always hard to let go of things, but if they’re keeping you from moving forward, what good are they to you? Once you have a nice clean room, you can turn it into a cute little home office or library.


Building an add-on

Amber Home conservatories are the best example of this. You can build one on the back of your home and instantly have a new room to play with. These are beautiful things because they adopt a lot of glass giving it an open feel with the sun shining through, providing you with a ton of natural light, as well as heating it up for you. This makes a wonderful room to go and have some quiet time to read in, or you could move a nice dining table in there and have that be the place where you eat all together as a family and catch up on one another’s days. And don’t forget, it can double up as a place you hold dinner parties with your close friends and families too.


Heading up to the attic

Attics make a great bedroom or den, they just tend to put people off from trying, because they’re usually very old and scary looking with spiders and webs everywhere. But once you get past this and have a cleanup, they actually have a decent bit of space to play around with. Get someone in to have a look and inspect the wood to make sure that it is safe and healthy. Once you get the all clear you can think about laying a proper floor down and adding in some furniture and lighting to brighten up the place making it welcoming and magical. Fairy lights are a great way of doing this, and they barely cost you a thing.



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