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How to quickly update a child’s bedroom

How to quickly update a child’s bedroom

Children change so quickly don’t they and their interests too. In terms of their clothes and toys and bedroom it can be really hard to keep pace.

Those baby years just whizz by.


Hacks are needed or growing kids can cost you a fortune!

In terms of clothes, I tend to go for elasticated waists, tunic style dresses and oversized T-shirts!  In terms of toys, I aim for things that will last; board games, books that can be read again and again, tablets that can have new apps added.

In terms of bedrooms? Hmm that can be trickier.

I try really hard to avoid buying any character bedding no matter how much they beg. I once succumbed only to find Dora the Explorer had been ousted in favour of those pesky Minions in a matter of months.  I try to keep walls  and bedding neutral so neither need changing all that regularly. This saves money and effort.

More simple and speedy bedroom updates include changing pictures and posters to reflect current interests as these take mere moments to alter and are inexpensive. Bedroom furniture can also be easily moved around to bring a change to the room.

One of my absolutely favourite ways to update a room and really personalise it is with stickers. This works so well for children’s rooms.  Let me show you a couple of ideas from the fabulous tenstickers.co.uk

Their stickers come in a range of sizes, many can be personalised and they are easy to apply and leave no residue when removed.

How fabulous is that!


Customisable Rainbow Circle Kids Sticker

Every child loves a rainbow and I love the retro styling of this sticker. I have been pondering whether to have one of these above my desk with my name in!


I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t like Lego, and I think this Lego sticker is just so much fun.

Or how about a super hero sticker with your child’s initial on ?


Lots of the stickers at tenstickers.co.uk are customisable and there are a lot that are purely decorative but there is certainly something for every child.

From the dreamers whose heads are firmly in the clouds

How to quickly update a child's bedroom

to the older kids who love their sport


There are hundreds to choose from and really they are such a fun, interesting, personal, simple and speedy way to update a child’s room, don’t you think?




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