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How to Raise a Hardworking Teen – 8 Powerful Top Tips

Raise a Hardworking Teen – with these simple powerful tips.


How to Raise a Hardworking Teen


How to raise a hard-working teen

With technology taking over our lives and making everything possible with a click of a button, things have sure become a lot easier and effortless.

If you’re one of those parents who’s just tired of watching their teen laze around all day, Netflix bingeing instead of spending his time constructively, here’s a little something to help. You might also like to take a look at this post on how to get your teen away from their screens


how to raie a hardworking teen


How to raise a hardworking teen – top tips

Here we go – a host of effective tips on how to raise a hardworking teen and the huge benefits of that for their future.


Start Early to Raise a Hardworking Teen

One of the most important steps to follow when it comes to raising a teen who is smart and hardworking is to start early, and also to remember that it is never too late to begin. Get some books that have stories about putting in effort and work, and make them a part of your kid’s bedtime routine.

He’s already a teen and demanding that you fix him a quick sandwich? Get him to help you out in the kitchen with it. I love books about inspirational people and people who think outside of the box.

Do consider a subscription to Teen Breathe too. It is packed with great advice for Teens and really can help them achieve balance and focus.  You can take a peek at my Teen Breathe Review to find out more.

Perhaps in the future a TEFL job might be something they aspire to? get them looking in to careers and courses now and encourage them to dream.

How to Raise a Hardworking Teen


How to raise a hardworking teen? Let Them Struggle

Most parents have trouble with this one, but that’s exactly what they need to learn to do. When you find your teen struggling with something- allow them to just do it themselves rather than taking over and getting it done for them,

Let them fail a couple of times if you must, but do it.

Allow them to understand how they must keep trying, and that, in the end, when they are successful, it can be a sweet, blissful experience.

Give them lots of example s of people who have struggled but overcome so they can see that many many successful people face and come through challenges and that it isn’t all plain sailing.


Get teens off their screens to  Raise a Hardworking Teen

Do take a look at my post on tips to get teens to reduce their screen time for some helpful advice


Quit Complaining

Your home may be the safest place for you to complain about your work, and how tired you feel once you’re back, but all that cribbing could be having a negative impact on your teen’s mindset when it comes to putting in effort in general.

Resist the urge to do that as much as you can, and try to portray work as being a satisfying and fulfilling experience. You absolutely can talk about the challenges – it really is best not to pretend but strive for balance and don’t ONLY moan or you will put them off for life.


Take it slow if you want to discover how to raise a hardworking teen

A lot of us are guilty of struggling with this one. We lack patience, especially when it comes to our kids.

Remind yourself that your kid won’t change in a day- it will take time, but eventually, he’ll learn how to put in work to get things done, and soon enough, you won’t even need to keep pushing him for it.

Learning how to raise a hard-working teen will take you time to consider and implement and it may take even longer for them to respond. But do not give up!

How to Raise a Hardworking Teen


Tackle Entitlement to encourage teens to work hard

If you’ve been handing over everything your little one demands without a flinch, you’re only making him realize he is entitled, and there’s a good chance he will carry it with him when he’s a teen (and possibly an adult) too.

Make sure you remind your kid that there’s a price for everything and that to achieve something, one has to put in the effort and hard work.


Have the Right Environment

The environment that your teen has at home plays a huge role in determining how motivated and smart working he is when it comes to school and other things in life.

Make sure your home is a place where he feels secure, guided and appreciated, and not somewhere where he is unable to express his own opinions or do things his way.  Eating together has been proven time and time again to help teens.

It gives the family space to regularly spend time together and talk through any issues and parents are able to check int with their teens and find out what s going on in their lives. Do make a commitment to this at breakfast and at dinner too. it is, most definitely, worthy of the effort.


Fuel Their Fire to raise a hardworking teen

Tweens and teens are more aware of the world that they live in than we are, and that’s exactly what you can put to use.

You can help them discover things that they like doing and are passionate about- it could be anything- painting, reading, playing outdoors. Whatever it is, help them to pursue it, encourage them to work hard and solidly towards it. Be supportive of their efforts and cheer them on.

How to Raise a Hardworking Teen


How to Raise a Hardworking Teen with problem solving skills

Most importantly if they have setbacks encourage them to be creative and courageous at getting through them. How they learn to deal with setbacks and develop resilience is key to their success in life. Grit and destination are key to being a hard worker and it is these qualities and skills you should praise and encourage rather than results.


Why raise a hardworking teen?

Let’s be honest financially if you are solvent life is easier, a hard-working teen is more likely to get themselves a decent job at the end of the day. But earning how to work hard has much further reaching consequence.

Knowing how to dig deep and put in the hours helps with relationships, friendships and with parenting. It helps you get up in the night to feed the kids or take on theta extra work shift even when you are tired. Hard work is a useful skill to have.

Do have a look at my best GCSE revision tips to give them a good start with their study skills


But in raising a hardworking teen don’t forget balance matters…

Balance is so important in life and teens to have many other skills apart from hard work to learn.

And leisure time is really valuable becuase fitness and friendships are vital to wellbeing and to happiness.  For many teens these days, sadly, leisure time means screen time and it is really important that this is not all there is.

Have a look here at my post on tips to get teens to reduce screen time

Really trying hard to keep teens in sports is worth it. Encouraging real-life friendships is also vital so do make sure your home is a welcoming place where your teen’s friends can gather.

How to Raise a Hardworking Teen


Over to you  for your tips on How to Raise a Hardworking Teen

It’s hard work in itself this parenting lark sometimes but it is worth it and instilling a hard work ethic in your child will pay great dividends in the future.

I hope you have found this post on how to raise a hardworking teen to be useful.


Be Happy Be You

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If you have any tips on how to raise a hardworking teen that I have not covered here do drop me a comment below – I love to hear from you You might also like my post on the 10 best GCSE revision tips


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