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How to Raise Kind Kids – Top Tips

How to raise kind kids – lets take a look at some top tips and my recent  TEDx talk on raising kind children and why it matters so very much 



How to Raise Kind Kids

Last week I gave a TEDx talk on how to raise kind kids a subject very dear to me. 

This was sucha dream come true for me. 

Oh my goodness what an absolutely exciting and scary experience that was.  And what a privilege it was indeed to share something I care so passionately about

 I have wanted to give a TED talk for so long. I included it on my 50 before fifty list as a goal and age 50 and 5 months I achieved it at TEDx Maid Marian Way in Nottingham. It was such a fun event – my friends came long, my co-speakers were just incredible and my gorgeous daughter got to present me on stage – just wow! A once in a life time experience.

You can watch my TEDx talk on How to Raise Kind Kids here and I would just love you to: 


How to Raise Kind Kids by Becky Goddard-Hill


If you love it (and I so hope you will and will find it inspiring) then please do like comment and share, it would mean such a lot to me to get the message spread even further into the world.

It has obviously hit a never with parents and has had a host of nodding in agreement style comments – everyone wants to know How to Raise Kind Kids it is something every parent I lkknow aspires too after all 

“With kindness we all rise” BRILLIANT!!!’
Such an incredible message, really made me think about how we’re raising our kids and whether we’re doing enough to inspire them to be genuinely kind and to spread that kindness. Thank you for the amazing talk.
‘Such a wonderful and inspiring talk. Full of practical ways to encourage and celebrate kindness in our kids, delivered with great storytelling skill. A must-watch for parents and carers of kids at any age.’
‘Love this Becky. Totally agree and such a brilliant talk. Thank you.’
How to Raise Kind Kids – 365 days of kind is packed with daily quotes and affirmations or kids to remind them to be kind
‘So inspiring , and it’s so true, kindness and politeness are often taught to little kids but over time we focus on other aspects of their development, such a great reminder!’


‘I really love this. It’s so important that we teach kids to be kind and, by extension, also model kindness for other adults and show that it is strength and it is powerful.’


Please leave me a comment too and let me know what you think. if my talk and if you value it and think it brings value to others please do share it too. The world needs way more parents who seek to raise kind kids. 


Why did I do my talk on how to raise kind kids?

Well if you watch my talk it will explain this in more detail but in a nutshell here are my top 10 reasons why kindness rocks and why i believe knowing how to revise kind kids is vital. My mama taught me it mattered more than anything and here is why. 


How to Raise Kind Kids

how to raise kind kids


10 reasons why kindness is cool and why we should focus on how to raise kind kids

(Share these with your kids!)

 1) Kind kids are happier kids

2) Kind kids feel more connected to the world

3) Kind kids have higher self esteem as are proud of their actions

4) Kind kids become kind adults

5) Kindness is strength

6) Kindness is healing

7) Kindness fights oppression and exclusion

8) Kindness is fun and makes other people feel good

9) Self-kindness means you always have a friend with you 

10) A kind heart is a beautiful heart.


How to Raise Kind Kids

How to Raise Kind Kids


How to raise kind kids – The importance of role modelling

Being a good role model is one of the most important things you can do if you want to teach anything to your child, and this is especially true when it comes to kindness. In my talk, I share how my mother was an incredible role model to me, her kindness shining through everything she did, and how my girl guide leaders made me really appreciate the impact of kindness.

It’s obvious that children pick up on what their parents and the adults around them do, and so its super important that we show kindness to EVERYONE, to do our bit to creating a kinder world


how to raise kind kids

how to raise kind kids


How to raise kind kids  & why self kindness is important too

Part of being a good role model is showing that not only does the way you treat other people matter, but the way you treat yourself does too.

Self kindness is essential for kids if they are going to cope with the challenges life brings their way and we often neglect tot each this. We need to light and lead they way on this.

As people we are all guilty of having bad days, perhaps you woke up late, or forget to pack the sandwiches and then say something to yourself like “I’m so stupid,” or “I’m so mad at myself!” This shows kids that its okay to speak badly to yourself, and can lead to self esteem problems later on in life. Instead, you should model forgiveness, cheering yourself, nurturing yourself so that kids see that THIS self love is what you should do when tired, stressed too busy or facing a challenge.


with kindness we all rise

with kindness we all rise – Becky Goddard-Hill (from How to raise kind kids TEDx talk)


Notice and value your child being kind – that’s how to raise kind kids

If you treat kindness like it matters your child will too. If you ‘catch them being kind and make a fuss of it and show how proud you are they will think wow okay this is important and i am good at this..they will feel good about it and encouraged/motivated to do it more often. We are, it is true, made kind by being kind.

Notice and value and talk about other people being kind too, celebrities or hey just ordinary folk you read or hear about or even people you know.

Kids love stories and sharing kindness stories will inspire them – a key ingredient to how to raise kind kids


How to Raise Kind Kids

How to raise kind kids


My talk has loads more take aways on how to raise kind kids do have a listen. 


How to Raise Kind Kids – More Kindness Resources

I am the author of Create Your Own Kindness which is an activity book for kids absolutely jam packed with activities to teach them to be kind to themselves and each other and the world. 



raise kind kids by giving them the tools they need to learn kindness



I’m a big believer in giving kids the tools they need to make their own lives better and filling their world with kindness is a good thing for their well-being and resilience.

Kindness is important –  I explain why more here

I also have a host of kindness quotes for you to read on my blog 

plus you can find lots of free kindness games here


So now you know how to raise kind kids – and you know it is worth the effort 

Never forget it is ‘with kindness we all rise’

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