How to Rebuild your Relationship with Someone Who Hurt You



How to Rebuild your Relationship with Someone Who Hurts You

Rebuild your Relationship with Someone Who Hurt You


Pretty tricky hey – I bet at sometime you  have all wondered How to Rebuild your Relationship with Someone Who Hurt You

There’s nothing worse than getting hurt by someone who you’re close to, someone you trust. More often than not, when you’re hurt by that person, you would want to shut off and get away from that person, but is it really what you would want to do in the long run?

Here’s helping you understand how to rebuild your relationship with someone who has hurt you, and be happy with them again.

Forgive & Try to Forget

Pretty straightforward right? Forgiveness is the key to making relationships work and though it is easier said than done, it is often the only thing that works in getting two people close together once again. Learn to forgive both- people and yourself for the mistakes that are made, and move on. That doesn’t mean you can let people walk all over you though- keep your stand and be firm on it, but don’t hold on to the anger and pain for too long.


Ditch Perfection

Sure, the person who’s hurt you may be close to you, and they may have screwed up royally, but realize and accept this that there’s no one on the Earth who is perfect. Everyone of us, yourself included, slips and makes mistakes from time to time. Sometimes we too, hurt the ones we love and often, we don’t even realize that we did. That’s the beauty of us- we’re humans. Once you realize and accept this, you’ll find it much easier to forgive the person.

Assess your Boundaries

Try to find the middle ground with not just the person who’s hurt you, but also with other people in general. After you’ve been hurt and let down by someone who’s close to you, you might lose trust and faith in everyone else too. Doing this can make you more prone to lashing out at the wrong people at the wrong time, and will most likely mess up your other relationships too. Instead, this time, remember to pay attention to your feelings and intuitions and set clear boundaries with that person and everyone else.

Decide what you can tolerate and what you can’t and don’t hesitate to take bold steps and cut people out of your life who don’t value you based on your worth.


Open Up to Happiness in order to revuild your relationship with someone who hurt you

If you’ve chosen to accept and forgive the one who’s hurt you, it is now time to let go of those bitter feelings and open yourself upto more positive and happy experiences both with that person and life in general. Remember that relationships aren’t easy to handle, and sometimes people screw up, but that’s not the end of the world- you have so much more to discover, learn and experience. Take the lead and try to find happiness instead of holding onto the pain and living with it.


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How to Rebuild your Relationship with Someone Who Hurt You


So now you know How to Rebuild your Relationship with Someone Who Hurt You if thats what you really want to and choose to do

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