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How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body

today – How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body

Do you want to know how to release emotions stuck in your body?

Human beings are emotional creatures- they feel and have that inbuilt need to express those feelings. It is just an absolutely intrinsic part of who we are. Sometimes, however, with the beliefs and conditions that we have been bought up with, we often tend to resist those emotions, and they, in turn, get stuck in the body, eventually giving rise to everything from stress, anxiety, health issues and even affects your productivity and social relationships, if not more.

If you can connect to this, here’s some help your way. Read on to discover exactly how to release those emotions that have been stuck in your body and heal yourself.


Don’t Resist that is How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body

Probably the most important actionable step you could take to help yourself tackle those unattended emotions and let them out in a healthy way is to avoid resisting. We have often been advised to always keep smiling and not show anger, guilt, pain and other such emotions, and that is literally one of the worst things you could do.


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body


Bottling up those emotions is only going to guarantee one thing- it’ll come out in the worst possible way, at the worst time. Recognize those emotions, try to understand their origin and feel them instead of pushing yourself back. Try to experience those emotions fully, without judgement – I firmly believe we have those feelings for a reason and as human beings, we are meant to FEEL much more than positivity and joy.



Responding and self-expressing is the second step toward releasing those emotions. Ask yourself what really makes you feel better and helps you let out those emotions that are making you feel so overwhelmed. The answer to this one will be different for different individuals. For some, it can be having a good cry and for some others, it can be screaming into a pillow or playing an intense sport and so on.

Allow yourself to feel and openly express those emotions. It’ll not just help you purge on a very healthy level, but also help you discover a lot about yourself and how you can handle things.


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body


Indulging in Self Care is How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body

There’s nothing more healing and empowering than indulging in a little self-care, especially when you’re in the middle of certain difficult situations. The right time to treat yourself to a couple of days of solitude or even just a spa session is when you’re in the middle of emotional turmoil. You are worth it and you do deserve it. Self-care is exactly what it says it is..it is not selfish. You cannot take care of others if you don’t take care of your own self first.

Most of us tend to ignore this completely and overwork and overburden ourselves. Think of self-care as a sort of a reset button- it helps recharge your neglected body and helps you re-dedicate to something that’s the most important for you- yourself. The more you spend time taking good care of yourself, the better you’ll end up feeling, and the better you’ll be able to handle emotions.


Walk – How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body

Not like intense exercise, walking is a more gentle and reflective way to ‘walk it out’ and release emotions stuck in your body. I often find when I am walking long distances I have a cry and feel so much lighter and freer afterwards.

I thought this was something pretty unique to me so used the #walkitout hashtag on Instagram thinking I’d discovered something new only t find 1000’s of people had discovered how to walk it out too. Ha! Well, I guess it works then.


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body? Sing

I find singing helps tremendously when i am trying to release trapped in emotions especially if I can relate the emotion to the song. I have specific emotional song lists on Spotify for this very reason and it can really help.  Sing it loud and get it out! This even works with anger. Singing is a socially acceptable and legitimate way to speak of heartbreak, sorrow, hope, lust, love, fear and pain – use it and let those emotions tumble on out.


Get in water

There is something ultimately symbolic about washing our worries away from us. Whether this extends from the idea of baptism and/or purification  I am not sure but the reality is it works. This doesn’t mean you have to strip off and jump into the nearest lake, a vigorous shower or a long shower can have the same effect. It can help our bodies deeply relax and the tension and emotion that we have been holding in can slide away.


Breathe to release emotions stuck in your body

Last, but definitely not the least, remember to take it easy. Handling difficult situations takes time- and you need to give yourself just that, if not more. Try to find time to meditate and practise mindfulness on an everyday basis. Doing this will help you deal with your emotional pain in a much better way and without judgement.


The weight of carrying emotions

Over at notsalmon.com I found this fabulous quote which really resonates with thee idea behind this article

Sometimes you don’t know the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.

What emotions do you need to release?


Over to you ….

When it comes to knowing How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body I would love to know what you do? Please drop me a comment below and share your wisdom with me. I feel it is the most important thing we can learn to do on our path to being both mentally and physically healthy and to keep our hearts and souls full and free.


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on how to release emotions stuck in your body and I hope it has helped you if this is something you are struggling with at the moment – you might also like my post on the health benefits of witch hazel and  ways to strengthen willpower


How to Release Emotions Stuck in your Body


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