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How to Remember your Dreams – 5 Brilliant Tips

How to Remember your Dreams – let’s take a look at some strategies that might help with this


How to Remember your Dreams

How to Remember your Dreams


How to Remember your Dreams – top tips

Whether you’re attempting to try lucid dreaming or are just into dream analysis, you probably know that remembering your dreams after you’ve woken up is a huge part of the process. The REM stage, which is the last stage of our sleep, is when we usually dream, and that’s exactly why you need to make sure you get enough sleep every night- if you’re aiming to remember as much as what you dreamt about.

So here’s helping you out with that and lots more. Keep reading to discover some actionable steps you can get started with, to ensure that you remember as much of your dreams as you can!


Develop a Normal Sleeping Routine

It may not seem like a lot, but yes, one of the simplest ways to start remembering your dreams is to ensure that you get enough sleep every night, and that you have a regular sleep routine. Sleeping and waking up at the same time every night can really help- not just with getting you to remember your dreams but also improving your sleep quality so that you wake up fresh and energetic every morning.


How to remember you dreams – Start a Dream Journal

During the REM stage of your sleep, you can have several dreams, and if there’s one easy tool to help you remember them, it is this! Maintaining a dream journal to note down everything you dreamt about can help you record all the details that you might possibly forget about as you start ‘waking up.’ Have the journal next to your bed, and jot down or sketch everything you recall as soon as you wake up.


Wake Up!

Before you get to bed and be ready to sleep, remind yourself that you have to remember your dream- this simple act can get you ready both physically and mentally to do it. Also drink atleast a couple of glasses of water before bed, which will force you to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That’s ideally when you’ll get up, and realize that you had a dream- or multiple dreams.


How to Remember your Dreams

How to Remember your Dreams


How to Remember your Dreams – Don’t Move!

When you do wake up, do not move or open your eyes- any change in sensory perception can start to wipe out your memories of the dream, so just stay still and try to recall and remember everything that you dreamt about. The trick is to be half asleep and try to memorize the dream- once you’ll start to do it, you’ll be surprised to remember even more chunks of your dream that you possibly forgot about when you woke up.


How to Remember your Dreams


Keeping the Alarm Close is how to remember your dreams

This one’s just an extension of what we emphasized on before- if you have your alarm clock far away from you, and you need to go walk to it to turn it off, you probably won’t remember much of the dream by the time you turned it off. Having it close to your bed means that you’ll just need a couple of seconds to do it, and that can give you a larger window to remember more of your dream.


How to remember your dreams - simple and effective tips to help you recall your dreams #dreams #dreammemories

How to Remember your Dreams



How to Remember your Dreams Further Reading

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