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How to Revamp a Living Room on a Budget – 7 wonderful ways

Are you wondering how to revamp a living room on a budget?

As the cost-of-living crisis continues we all need to tighten our belts but at the same time it doesn’t mean we need to put our lives on hold. If a living room refresh is on your to do list there is a great deal you can still do to get this done without spending too much.


How to Revamp a Living Room on a Budget


Refresh your paintwork

Painting your skirting, doors and window frames is like putting new white laces in your trainers. It immediately makes everything look newer and fresher. You may feel changing your wallpaper is a stretch financially but if your walls are painted then repaint them too. DIY is your friend when you are on a budget. Watch a YouTube tutorial on painting so you do a clean and crisp job without feeling you need to call in the professionals.


Switching the carpet

A new carpet revamps a room better than anything else, in my opinion. So, if yours is looking a little threadbare, stained, or tatty, skip the high street carpet stores, which tend to add a high markup, and try an online-only retailer like Designer Carpet. If you go for a remnant/off cut or something on sale you’ll be able to make a real difference to your room and stay within budget.

That said, make sure you pick something you love so it will last the distance and do consider replacing your underlay too as it helps with longevity and comfort. (Oh, and don’t let the kids eat in your living room once re-carpeted!) 


How to Revamp a Living Room on a Budget



Never underestimate the power of a well placed and chosen accessory, it can go a long way to revamping a room. I love to see items such as a beautiful lamp or magazine rack tying a room’s scheme together and yet these do not have to be expensive. Even a gorgeous coffee table can really elevate a space and you can choose one that is pre-loved from marketplaces like eBay.

Changing the art you display can also make a huge difference. If you don’t have the budget for that consider a series of black and white family photos for a stylish but meaningful addition, 



Lighting is often a neglected afterthought yet if you get it right it can make a room look amazing. Pick your lighting carefully, a few strategically placed lamps and a gorgeous lampshade and a room looks more co-coordinated and is a more pleasant space to be. 

Think about how to increase natural light coming into your room too by keeping windows sparkly clean and curtains or blinds fresh. A mirror opposite your window is another cheap way of maximising the illusion of light and space in your room and making it feel fresher.



A super cheap and powerful way to revamp a room is to make it smell amazing. Reed diffusers and scented candles in your favourite scent can work wonders and don’t forget to change these with the seasons.  A really good clean of any fabric items and an open window go a long way to making a living room a lovely space to be.


How to Revamp a Living Room on a Budget


To my mind even the most minimalist living room needs a good cushion or 10. And changing the colour, texture, size, shape and fabric of your cushions can give a room a whole new look without you having to invest in a new sofa. Try Dunelm for some affordable options.



A big declutter can also make ALL the difference to a living room and create a more spacious, elegant look and feel to the room. This costs absolutely nothing but totally revamps a room and is powerfully effective. After your declutter you may fancy rearranging your furniture too! 


So, now you know how to revamp a living room on a budget – time to get to it!

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