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How to save money and freshen up your home in a cost of living crisis

We all deserve the chance to freshen up our home décor from time to time. It can be difficult on a budget though, we understand that. Whether you want to use wood wall panelling to enhance the feel of your living room, or you want to create a gallery wall that is accentuated by clever use of lights, there are a whole host of things that you can do to freshen up your home, improve the aesthetic, and all without it breaking the bank. The cost of living crisis has made it difficult for most people, and if you were planning on revamping your living space, or redecorating the whole house, you might worry that it just isn’t financially possible anymore.


Tips to save money when decorating your home

Let’s take a look at a few of the thing you can do to freshen up your home in a cost-effective way. There are loads of tips and tricks available, even beyond what we’ve discussed here. No matter how weird and wonderful, every space is unique, and the only real limitation is your imagination.




  1. Wood wall panelling

Wood wall panels are a fantastic choice to cover the surface of a wall, either fully or part of a wall, as well as the side of a staircase. It can take a boring, echoey room and add texture and colour. Alongside that it has insulation and acoustic properties, as well as concealing cables and other items that might have previously been visible along the wall. Wood wall panelling looks fantastic and is a cost effective way of completely transforming a room into a cosy, luxury space. It is incredibly easy to install and maintain too.


  1. Utilise paint tricks

With a few clever paint tricks, you can add colour and different layers to the décor of a room without the need to completely redecorate. Paint is an affordable way to make an instant impact on the décor of any room. A small room can become a grand and elegant space if you opt for bold paint to colour the walls. Alternatively, use a bold colour as the trim for the room, adding a bold accent to the space without the need to cover the entire space in fresh paint.



  1. Find refurbished gems

You might not necessarily need a whole new set of brand-new furniture for your home when redecorating. Antiques markets, online markets, and inherited pieces might be the perfect choice for the space you are reworking and cost a fraction of the price of a brand-new or well-looked after antique piece of furniture. With a little bit of love, some basic upholstery skills and some repainting of wooden furniture, you can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of a room, bringing everything together in one cohesive style.


  1. Clever lighting can accentuate art

Creating a gallery wall of art is a great way to showcase your personal style, but it shouldn’t end with just the choice of artist you have on your wall. With clever lighting you can accentuate the art itself and make that part of the room a central part of your aesthetic and vision.  Lighting art is a fantastic way to create a focal point without spending loads of money to do so. LED picture lights contain enough light to showcase the art itself rather than the wall around it, whilst painting the picture light the same as the wall hides it.


  1. Create the illusion of space

In some cases, a small room is a small room. You can’t magically make it bigger, but what you can do is to enhance the perception of space and light, enhancing the space with clever use of mirrors. Hanging a mirror in a small, dark room, will immediately have an impact and make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. Adding a light to the front of a mirror also adds a luxurious look to a room. If you can’t knock a wall down to bring in extra light to a room, hang a mirror and cheat your way to a cheaper, bigger space.

Whatever you decide to do in terms of freshening up your home, remember, there are many different angles, and there is no wrong answer. Make sure that you choose the best suppliers of paint, of wood wall panelling, and any other design materials you require, as that helps you raise the standards and have something in place that lasts for the long-term. Be creative and be excited with what you can achieve without it costing you a fortune, as with a few of these tips and pieces of guidance above, you can transform your home at a fraction of the cost you would expect. This is vital during this current cost of living crisis.

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