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How to save money with an electric car lease

Today I am going to take a look at how to save money with an electric car lease.


How to save money with an electric car lease


Leasing an electric car

Have you ever considered leasing a car?  Do you even understand the concept? It was new to me! Let me explain …

Car leasing is an agreement between you and a car leasing company. This agreement enables you to rent a vehicle for an agreed period for fixed monthly payments – usually two to five years. At the end of the term, you just simply return the car. So, in a way, it is a bit like renting a house.

Now there are loads of benefits to leasing an electric car rather than an ICE car (internal combustion engine) car that runs on petrol or diesel.



Electric cars can be more expensive to purchase than ICE rivals, but we absolutely know that their impact on the environment is less and they are the way forward. Leasing an electric car helps you the customer spread the cost of a vehicle over a set duration, with flexible terms to suit your needs.

The costs of everything is increasing right now so anything that can help when it comes to payments makes a difference. Think how much you are going to save on petrol too! Fuel costs are completely unpredictable, and you will make great savings by charging at home on overnight rates.

Many energy providers will offer tariffs designed around charging an EV, with beneficial rates that reflect that.



You may not know this, but electric cars have around 90% fewer moving parts than ICE vehicles. As a result of this servicing and maintenance is considerably cheaper and there is far less chance of breaking down. In this way an electric car is again an effective option.

 There are a variety of electric car lease deals to choose from and you are sure to find one that meets you needs. 


Cars of the future

 You can save money by leasing an electric car in various ways but your impact on the environment is also massively significant. 

According to the BBC science researchers …

‘It is believed that in 2050 every second car on the streets of the world could be electric – they are the future.’

Because they have no tailpipe emissions, electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving which has a huge impact on air quality. And it is a fact that every major car manufacturer now has plans to produce electric-only cars from 2030 or sooner. 

Electric cars are the way forward – so do give leasing a thought when you come to changing your car.





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