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How To Sell Your Used Kitchen with Used Kitchen Exchange

How To Sell Your Used Kitchen with Used Kitchen Exchange

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to purchase a new kitchen. Congratulations! But … before your fabulous new kitchen is installed, you’ll have to dispose of the old one. That’s where the clever team at Used Kitchen Exchange can help, meaning you can sell it rather than skip it!

How To Sell Your Used Kitchen with Used Kitchen Exchange


The owners of this In-Frame Shaker Kitchen are selling it to make way for their new kitchen 

It’s all very exciting and inspiring, choosing and designing a new kitchen, but there are a few less-than-exciting things to deal with along the way. One issue is always the same – how to get rid of the old kitchen in an easy, eco-friendly and efficient way.

Very often, the ‘old’ kitchen isn’t even that old. It may be in wonderful condition, but just not suited to your taste … especially if you’ve just moved in to a new home and it’s the kitchen that’s already there.

Fortunately, Used Kitchen Exchange provide a service which will not only take the pressure off and organise everything, you’ll end up with a profit too! And if you haven’t quite found your new kitchen yet, shop the wide range of cheap kitchens available at Used Kitchen Exchange. 


How To To Sell Your Used Kitchen with Used Kitchen Exchange

Once the decision to sell the unwanted kitchen has been made, it’s a straightforward process to get the ball rolling with Used Kitchen Exchange. It’s a far easier than you’ve probably anticipated, and all you have to do is hop online here  to start the registration process, supplying a few snapshots of the kitchen and then arranging a convenient time for a visit from one of their in-house photographers-surveyors. Used Kitchen Exchange operates in a similar way to an estate agent, liaising with seller and buyer, and organising the photography and survey to assess and describe the kitchen. 


Step By Step

A professional photographer will visit to measure, survey and photograph the kitchen for sale. Each unit, cabinet and appliance will be listed and all the details will be uploaded to the UKE website – it really is a very easy way to sell a kitchen! It’s also reassuring to know that UKE sells 99% of the kitchens that are offered for sale on the website … the high success rate is down to the fact that they will only take on a kitchen that they know is in good enough condition to sell.

As director Helen Lord explains, ‘We approve every used kitchen that we offer for sale. We want to get the best possible price for it, and of course we are also committed to providing a seamless service for the seller and the buyer of that kitchen’.

There’s a dismantling, collection and delivery service, plus a two-week after-sales support service for both sellers and buyers. So there you have it; if you’re investing in a new kitchen, take the opportunity to remove the old kitchen in a responsible and thoughtful way.

The UKE dismantling service is accredited as a Which? Trusted Trader – great news for sellers who want to see their old kitchen removed carefully … after all, a kitchen can take weeks to be installed but there’s usually only a short space of time to remove it. And of course, there’s the appeal of giving a kitchen a new home – far preferable to a builders skip and landfill. 


How To Sell Your Used Kitchen with Used Kitchen Exchange


This German Contemporary Kitchen is for sale, complete with Siemens appliances


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