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How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals

Today – How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals

Many people make New Years resolutions or goals each year, but it seems that a very small per cent are successful in reaching those goals. There are many different reasons why someone may not keep their resolutions or goals, but the most common reason is simply that their goals were too big to reach. If your goals have been too large in the past, use these tips to learn how to set New Year’s goals that are both reachable and successful.

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How to Set Reachable New Year's Goals

How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals


How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals


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Don’t make resolutions

When you make a resolution, you are resolving to do something. This is different than setting a goal. One says “I will” do this and the other says “I want to” do this. Setting a goal instead may seem to some like semantics, but there is a difference in the way we think about the two.

When you break a resolution, you are harder on yourself, may get depressed and typically do a lot of beating yourself up. This isn’t good for anyone. When you don’t make a goal, you tend to look at it differently enough to understand that even if you didn’t reach your goal entirely, you did complete some of it.

This better thought process usually leads to success in reaching those goals you set; even if you’re a bit late in reaching them.


How to Set Reachable New Year's Goals


Be realistic as you Set Reachable New Year’s Goals

The biggest mistake people make when setting New Year’s goals is making them bigger than they can realistically reach. Losing weight is a great example of this. Most people will set a weight loss goal that is either unrealistic or unhealthy.  Instead, set a goal that you know you can reach. As I am about to point out in the next tip, you can always update it later.


Stagger Your Goals

When you make New Year’s goals, start on the more realistic smaller side and update your goals throughout the year. If you want to lose weight, start with a loss of 20lbs. When you reach that 20lb loss, update you goal to 50lbs total and so on. The reason behind this is that when you succeed in reaching a goal, you feel amazing about yourself and are motivated to keep going. These positive emotions will continue to carry you through each success.

How to Set Reachable New Year's Goals


Set Reachable New Year’s Goal by Being Honest with yourself 

When you’re deciding which goals to set, be honest with yourself about the areas of your life you really need to improve on. For some it will be health. For others it will be finances or another area of your life. If you are honest about what you truly need to accomplish, you’ll stand a better chance at success.


Give yourself enough time

Another reason a lot of people fail at reaching their New Year’s goals is that they simply don’t give themselves enough time to accomplish them. For instance, if you need to save a $1,000 emergency fund, but you can only save $10 each week; you aren’t going to be successful in 3 months. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to work on the goals you’ve set so you don’t set yourself up for failure.


How to set reachable new year’s goals that work? Be forgiving

Even after all these tips for how to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals and even if you’re the most prepared person, failure is still a part of life. If you do fail to reach one of your goals, don’t be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself, reset and move on.  Failures aren’t as horrible as most people think. They are the perfect time to teach ourselves a lesson.

I hope you have found this post on How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals useful and I wish you a very happy and love-filled 2019


How to Set Reachable New Year's Goals

How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals


More positivity for a New year now you know How to Set Reachable New Year’s Goals

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