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How to set up a gaming room at home – The 6 Essentials

If you are considering putting together a gaming room at home, there are a few different ways in which you can go. A dedicated space for gaming must be fun, colourful, comfortable, but also respectful to other people who live in your home and/or the neighbours. Whether it’s a remodel or a completely new design, we’ve put together a list of ways in which you can set up your gaming room to make the most of it, from adding wood wall panels, to ambient lighting, comfortable furniture and the best games shelves.



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Think of the acoustics  for a gaming room at home

Add wood wall panels for a great look but also for its acoustic properties. Wood wall panelling is a choice often seen on walls in living rooms or along a staircase wall, to add a layer of texture and design. When you consider the acoustic and insulation properties, it can become a great choice when considering installing soundproofing material or at least ‘dampening’ the sound. You know what it can be like when playing games for hours on end, it can become a little noisy.

Adding another texture that helps to limit the seepage of noise from the room to other areas of the home is a good idea. The beauty of wood wall panels is that they are a cost-effective way to make a big transformation in look and feel and come in a whole host of different colours to match your gaming room theme.


Consider ambient lighting

Setting the mood is important when you’re in for a long session of gaming, and with ambient lighting you can make a big difference to your performance capabilities whilst creating a cool looking space at the same time. Ambient lighting should be dimmed and consistent, so that when your eyes are focused on the screen, you are not faced with problems of glare that could impact you as you’re playing. Invest in dimmable light bulbs and fixtures or add spotlights and cool wall lights that make a centre point of the gaming setup you’ve got in your room.


Trim lighting for gaming room at home

Another cool thing that you can do with the lighting of your gaming room is to invest in some LED strip  lighting. This is very popular with gamers, as you can buy lighting strips that are adjustable and come in a wide range of colours, so you can change the colour and the ambience as and when you need to, installing the strip along the trim of the desk, your shelving, and wherever you want to put it.


Gaming shelves

If you’re planning on putting together a games room, the chances are, you’ve already built up quite the collection of consoles and games (for PC too). A games shelf is the perfect way to showcase all of your games and consoles in one place. This brings a clear focus to the activities in the room, but it also helps you to find those classic games you want to play again, without having to trawl through boxes under your bed.


Think of your comfort – gamers like to chill!

A gaming room is there to be used and enjoyed for hours on end. With this in mind, it is important that you invest in furniture that fits the bill. The two most important aspects of this are the chair and the desk. You’ll need enough space on a desk to include your monitors, consoles, PC, as well as any extra controls and headphones. For a gaming chair, think of your comfort and your behind. You don’t want to be uncomfortable and get up out of a chair with a dead leg!


Decorate with your favourite games

If you’ve got your favourites games of all time, and characters, choose gaming art that you can place on the walls and follow the theme of a gaming room. Think of classic Mario and Sonic poster art and similar, and you’ve got an idea of where you can go with things. You can be as creative as possible here, creating a games space that is an extension of what you love about gaming.


Final thoughts on setting up a gaming room at home

Whether you are looking to create a gaming room in a bedroom, or it’s an entirely separate room and space, there are loads of things that you can do to create an exciting area that helps you settle in for a few hours of gaming, alone or with friends. From comfortable chairs and a big enough desk for your gaming equipment, monitors and sound systems, to wood wall panelling for acoustic reasons and gaming wall art, there are endless possibilities.

There are plenty more tips and guidance aside from what we’ve provided here, and you have so many different options open to you, depending on the type of gaming you take part in and the décor you want to sit in.

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