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How to Set Up a Shop

Sometimes I dream of having another career, one that gets my out from behind my laptop and gives me much more contact with people. I have always enjoyed buying and selling, and the thought of doing this for a living really appeals to me.  And setting up a shop begin s with really crystallizing your dream and deciding exactly what kind of shop you want and where. 


How to Set Up a Shop

A rural retreat

I have often though that I would like to set up a little shop somewhere gorgeous. I like the idea of a little farm shop in the English countryside selling organic vegan produce. I would source and  sell homemade chutneys and pickles and commission local people to make pies and brownies and bakes too. It would all be delicious and nutritious, and I think it would be a happy and relaxed space. Maybe we would have a little area for a table for two, so people could have a coffee and cake as they shopped.

This would be a low-key shop, and I would probably rent a fairly inexpensive barn to set up my shopfront.


Luxury & Happiness 

I also might take a look for a retail space to rent in Mayfair It is such an absolutely lovely and wealthy area of London and I could easily sell items of luxury there – some of the finer things in life but with a focus in on joy. The shop of my dreams would be one that sold things that make people happy in simple ways. I would probably rent a pop-up shop to start with and on perhaps a weekly basis to make sure there was interest.

I would sell things like the most gorgeous pens and notebooks, beautiful coffee table books stuffed with photos, pieces of handmade heart jewellery and photo frames of every kind.  I would sell handmade candles that had scents that evoked memories. I would offer scent profiling mini makeovers and massage chairs, and perhaps even a bespoke shopper experience. 

 I would absolutely insist we served tiny macarons and artisan chocolates as well as little glasses of non-alcoholic fizz, and I would have gorgeous velour seats for my guests (shoppers.) I would be simply amazing to shop in my little store and everyone would be talking about it. I would make sure it was super Instagrammable, with an archway of magnolia and strains of Ella Fitzgerald playing out from a lovely white record player. It would be simply blissful. 


How to Set Up a Shop  – Final thoughts

Owning a little shop would be a dream come true, but I am not sure if I would enjoy the serving, stocktaking and doing the accounts. Instead, I would be more concerned with sourcing and décor and watching my customers enjoy themselves! I would employ the most charming and friendly staff, though, as it is very important to me that the customer experience is a good one.  Window dressing appeals to my artistic side and window shopping  is something I hugely enjoy too, so I would make sure my windows looked awesome no matter what kind of shop I had.

I do hope you would come and shop with me! 









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