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How to set up the Perfect Overnight Guest Room

Today -How to set up the Perfect Overnight Guest Room, lets take a look.



Perfect Overnight Guest Room



How to set up the Perfect Overnight Guest Room

Most of us will have had a friend or family member over to stay at some point, whether it be for Christmas celebrations when redecorating their own home, or simply because they’ve had a couple too many glasses of wine and need a place to crash! Whatever the reason may be, we all want our lovely guests to feel as comfortable and welcome as can be when they are staying in our homes.

If you are lucky enough to have a spare guest room in your house or flat, continue reading to understand how you can set up the perfect space for your loved ones to stay in overnight.


Invest in a comfy bed

Unfortunately, the blow-up bed or, worse yet, the sofa, just won’t cut it, especially when guests are staying for more than one night. Investing in a comfy double bed that stands the test of time is economical in the long-run and your guests will really appreciate having a cosy place to rest. This is particularly important for elderly relatives or those who might have back problems.

Be sure to keep the bed freshly kept with crisp linen – you can’t really go wrong with a lovely set of high-quality white bedding, and the good thing is, it matches any colour scheme. Just add a bed throw and a couple of colourful, patterned cushions, to make any guest feel right at home.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, luxury interior furniture and accessories brand, GZ Premium, is one of my go-to places for the latest in designer homeware.


Be practical

Décor and style aside, a good place to start when setting up the perfect overnight guest room is the practical, everyday necessities that your guest may need. Think of all the best hotel rooms you’ve stayed in and the items that they would have included – for instance, a hairdryer, towel and toothpaste – and leave them for your guests to make use of, as and when they need.

If there is a wardrobe in the room, make sure there are some coat hangers on-hand for your guest to hang up their clothes, as well as a storage space near the bed for their essential items.

We all know how important the Wi-Fi is too, so make it easy for your guests by jotting the password down on a post-it note.



Plants make a lovely addition to any room, so be sure to include a little greenery in your guest room. Not only do they have mood-boosting qualities (trust me, it’s science), but they also help clean the air out and create a more homely atmosphere.

If you are someone who struggles to keep plants alive for more than a few weeks, it might be more worthwhile to purchase the low-maintenance types, like cacti and succulents, which only need to be watered occasionally.


Good lighting is how to set up the Perfect Overnight Guest Room

The quality of lighting can really make or break a room, either giving it a dreary, dull atmosphere, or one that is bright and airy. Assuming you want your guest room to be in the latter category, it is important to make sure the room has good lighting.

Aside from the ceiling light, try to include a nice, quality floor and table lamp too, so guests can switch them on when they need to.

Of course, natural lighting is always great, but not every room is big enough for several windows. In which case, placing a mirror on the wall opposite a window will help to reflect natural daylight and create the illusion of a bigger, brighter guest room.

Perfect Overnight Guest Room

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