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How to share a special message this Mother’s Day

How to share a special message this Mother’s Day

How to share a special message this Mother’s Day


How to share a special message this Mother’s Day

Naturally we cherish the special women in our lives each and every day, but Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to go the extra mile and send a truly special message their way.

It’s important to tell your mum, or, perhaps, grandma, friend or special lady, just how fabulous they are. And whatever you’ve got planned for Mother’s Day – from a lunch date or adventure, to flowers or phone call – there are some little details that will help you say it in style.

Whistlefish, the greeting cards and gifts company, have shared some handy tips to keep in mind when crafting what you want to say.


Get in touch

It may sound obvious, but occasions like Mother’s Day remind us to stop in our tracks and get in touch with our loved ones. Simply saying hello or planning a get-together can go a really long way and put a big smile on their face.

If you can’t physically be with someone on Mother’s Day, then a greeting card is the perfect way to send a message and show you care. When picking a card, think about the type of words you want to share, and what kind of style would resonate with them. If it’s a laugh you’re looking for, then opt for a humorous card, or, if they love colour, then go for something bold with popping colours. Have a look at the Whistlefish Mother’s Day cards for inspiration.

Remember, if you need to post a card, then make sure you leave plenty of time to choose it and send it off.


Pick your words

Lots of us want to say ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’ or, simply, ‘you’re wonderful’ on Mother’s Day. Choosing a message that expresses your feelings is at the heart of this occasion and should be given a bit of time and thought beforehand.

It’s important to note, though, that these messages can take many forms. If you’re good with words, then a detailed caption in a card is a lovely way to record what you want to say. Or, you might want to let the card do the talking, opting for one with a fitting caption.

Mum Thanks For Always Being There, Heart Shaped Card


Let’s not forget that you can take a moment to say something heartfelt face-to-face or on the phone. Sometimes it isn’t easy to do, but you can guarantee it will be well received and make a big impact.


Say it with a gift

A carefully selected gift can speak volumes. Choosing an item that your loved one can keep for years to come will be valued beyond Mother’s Day. What’s more, it’ll always remind them of you!

When choosing a gift, telling a story can be a great way to share your message. A piece of art, with a vibrant design or scene, allows you to make a statement and can be admired forevermore in their home. Or, you may want to go for something they can use each day, like a vibrant art-inspired cushion or mug.


Sea Pinks Coastal Cushion, By Hannah Cole



There are lots of ways to show or tell someone you love them. The key – however you share your message – is to make it personal, fitting and heartfelt.



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