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How to skip the interior designer with these genius hacks

Do you wonder how to skip the interior designer?

Are you currently in the middle of renovating your house? Although it might be tempting to speak to an interior designer, their services can certainly be expensive. Thankfully, there are a few interior design hacks you can do yourself to turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted. Plus, saving money on an interior designer means you’ll have more money to spend on your dream home itself.


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How to skip the interior designer with these genius hacks

Be your own interior designer with these genius hacks.

Browse design blogs and social media for inspiration

To get started, you’ll want to first get a feel for styles that you really like. Are you looking for contemporary, minimalist or Scandanavian? Browse your favourite design blogs (like us!) and keep an eye on popular social media hashtags to get to grips with the styles that are popular right now.

Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms for those renovating their homes (you’ll find lots of stunning design inspo to pin to your profile), closely followed by Instagram. Some design hashtags we love include:


  • #homeinspo
  • #interiors
  • #ScandinavianStyle
  • #housenvy
  • #inspotoyourhome
  • #interior_and_living


Create a mood board

Now you’ve got a feel for the interior styles you love, putting all of the pieces together will really help you to visualise what your new space could look like. Whether you create a virtual mood board using the likes of Pinterest or you prefer an old-school physical mood board, save, pin or print some of your favourite designs to keep referring back to.


How to skip the interior designer

Choosing the right furniture

Every interior designer will tell you that choosing the right furniture is paramount. The type of furniture you choose will depend on the style you’re going for. For example, Scandinavian-style furniture is often simple yet cosy and modern, while minimalist furniture can be much cleaner yet equally as stylish.

Shop around to find your ideal pieces of furniture based on your mood board. If sustainability and individuality are important to you, take a look at handmade furniture brands like Loft You. All of their stylish, modernist furniture and lighting is handcrafted and made from recyclable materials.

Don’t forget to add any potential pieces to your mood board to get a better feel for them.


Placement is key

Now that you’ve got your hands on some stylish, designer furniture, you’ll want to consider the placement in your room. If you’re the artsy type, you might want to sketch things out just like an interior designer would. This will help you get a real feel for the space around the furniture. It’s important that you don’t cram too much into the room so that there’s little room to move around in.

If sketching isn’t really your thing, you could even plan things out using a virtual room designer.

Top interior design tip: Don’t push all of your furniture back against the walls. Allow some room to showcase the walls and your brand new furniture, leaving plenty of space to add some classy, finishing touches.


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Adding the finishing touches

Whatever style you decide on, adding the right finishing touches is just as important and it can really make all the difference. From coffee tables and lamps to picture frames and unique pieces of art, adding the finishing touches really is the fun part.


Don’t be afraid to move things around and experiment with different styles and colours. After all, your new home should showcase your personality and not someone else’s.



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