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How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years

How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years – let’s take a look at some top tips.

When you think of someone staying fit and healthy, your first thoughts might not be of someone in their senior years. Exercise is not just for those in their prime years, working to reach and maintain peak physical condition as it is important to remain active throughout your life.

Needless to say, exercising in your 70s and 80s is likely to look far different from workouts in your 20s and 30s, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the body remains as active as possible and, even though you might not be able to run as far or as fast as you used to that doesn’t mean packing it in and sitting around all day.

Workouts and exercise regimens can be tailored to suit the age, fitness and condition of the person exercising. Not only that, but many types of sport are more than suitable for men and women of a certain age. Here, we will delve into detail on how to stay fit and active in later years.


How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years


Yoga – How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years

Yoga is a fantastic type of exercise for anyone looking to stay fit and agile, regardless of age, but its low-impact nature makes this a fantastic option for seniors. Yoga helps the body to fight against osteoporosis, as well as strengthening bones, which is vital in older age. It is never too late to take up yoga, with many men and women picking up the hobby in their later years – it is also a favourite activity for care providers to encourage older ladies and gentlemen to participate in.


Walking Football

There comes a point when the body is simply unable to handle the high-tempo demands of the beautiful game, much to the demise of many football-loving fans. Walking football is a tailored version of the game designed for players above the age of 50, where running is banned from the game. This means that senior players can once again enjoy the rush of scoring a goal with a group of friends, allowing them to stay active and socialise as though they were back in their 20s. The game first came about in 2011 and, 10 years later, has proven to be a highly popular activity for both senior men and women.


How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years with Golf

Golf has long been earmarked as a favourite for those of a senior age, which is actually a little bit unfair when you consider how varied the ages of players actually are. Again, because of the low-impact nature of the game, golf provides players with a fantastic means of getting out in the fresh air and walking around picturesque landscapes.

Golf is a game of skill and strategy, so challenges the players’ mentally as much as it does physically. You might not think it, but a round of golf burns just as many calories on average as a 30-minute gym session.


How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years


Weightlifting and Resistance Bands

Pumping iron isn’t just for the youngsters! Seniors can also benefit from lifting weights, working the muscles in their body. If you aren’t keen on lifting heavy weights such as barbells and dumbbells, resistance bands can do just as good a job, depending on what your fitness goals are.

Resistance bands won’t need as much dedicated storage space as weights, making for an ideal means of exercise for those with smaller living space and/or in shared accommodation.

These are just some of how you can stay fit and active even in your later years. Find something that you enjoy and get out there and seize the day!


How to Stay Fit and Active in Later Years


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