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How to Stop Being Busy and Slow Life Down – Are you too busy?

How to Stop Being Busy – a guide to help you slow things down.


how to stop being busy, simple stratergies to help you prioritise organise and slow down your life so there is space for you #wellbeing #busy

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 How to stop being busy – a simple guide

Are you busy? I am always too busy but  I am on it this is something I absolutely do need to sort out! I need to learn how to stop being busy.

I absolutely have promised myself that this time next month I’ll be able to confidently say ‘nope, not busy! I want to have learned how to stop being busy and to SLOW IT DOWN


How to Stop Being Busy


How to Stop Being Busy – are you too busy?

I know very very few people who would say they weren’t.

I look at my own situation and I wonder why it is. How to stop being busy Aggh it is a conundrum.

I know I am desperate to earn money, to secure my children’s future and to make sure their life is stable. I also know they have big full lives and this is something I really want for them so I put my time and energy into that. But sometimes I think it’s because if I keep really busy I won’t have time to reflect on things and maybe, just maybe I am running away.


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How to stop being busy – simple and effective tips

The way humans live their everyday life has changed dramatically over the years.

If you ask your parents, they’ll tell you life was much simpler and stress-free back then.

And they will tell you that the current scenario where money and power are the main measures of success has also driven people to follow the ‘madness’ of multitasking.

Now we are all so busy being busy and being sleep deprived and surviving on cups and cups of caffeine.


how to stop being busy

How to Stop Being Busy


So are you too busy? Do you need to learn how to stop being busy?

The life that we live is in the need of some serious reassessment. We need to start by stopping the glorification of being busy.

Instead, we need to focus on how to stop being busy  Here’s helping you understand why it is okay to do less.

We need to learn how to stop being busy and to get our life back on track.  Then we need to be sure we absolutely enjoy our lives and have time for all the things and all the experiences and most important all the people we enjoy.


are you busy?


So, let me tell you how to Stop Being Busy bu shedding stuff.

You need to lose some things from your life if you want to learn how to stop being busy, it really is as simple as that. You need to sit down and write your to-do list for the week then strike off the non-essentials.


How to Stop Being So Busy


And you need to say no MUCH more to yourself and to others when they try and busy up your life with stuff. It honestly really is as simple as that to learn how to stop being busy

Being less busy brings with it some amazing benefits. take a look and decide if you want these in your life. I know I certainly do! So let’s take a look at how to stop being busy


Are you busy?  How Better Focus Helps

Focusing on fewer tasks at a time directly means that you will be able to offer undivided attention to those tasks, which drastically increases the chances of those tasks hitting perfection. It is a simple step on the path of how to stop being busy. 

Taking the step to get rid of the clutter and what’s not important, and having just a few, important tasks to focus on can not just help keep your concentration levels at their optimum, but also get you to closer to the results you are expecting.

You’ll also definitely have more time after the ‘purge’ and you’ll be able to use it constructively- sometimes by engaging in self-care and recharging your batteries and sometimes by following your passion.

Multitasking is overrated and not often productive, lose some tasks and give those that you decide to keep your full attention – you will be so glad you did and it will totally help you in your quest of how to stop being busy


How to Stop Being Busy


Improved Productivity when you learn how to stop being busy

By focusing just on a few, important tasks at a time and not attempting to multitask, your productivity levels are bound to shoot up. You’ll also be at a much lesser risk of suffering from burnout, which affects millions of people today, in their craziness of trying to juggle a massive number of tasks together.

It is just making us all really unhealthy. We need to know how to stop being busy.

Try focusing on fewer things at a time and you’ll also notice at how much peace and satisfaction you find at the end of completion of those tasks.

In feeling calmer you will also realise your impact on everyone around you is more calming too and your kids won’t be so techy and irritable, your colleagues will be more amenable and life really will run more smoothly and efficiently.


playing the piano

How to Stop Being So Busy


Are you busy? Less busy = Less Stress

Stress at worst is a killer at least is just a negative and draining experience that impacts everyone and everything you come into contact with. Lose the stress.

Less is more when it comes to working on things, and that’s simply because you’ll have just a few things on your plate to worry and stress about.

The more things you try to do together, the more stressed out you’ll possibly be. It’s no news how this stress can quickly translate to a major decrease in productivity levels and both mental and physical exhaustion.

You’ll also find that taking up and focusing on less but important tasks at a time can radically change your outlook towards life, and make you appreciate more of what you have.

Embracing minimalism, especially when it comes to work, can help you stay clutter-free and less stressed and overwhelmed. If you do struggle with stress do take a peek at this NHS website to gain some clarity


How to stop being busy


How to Stop Being Busy – Can you role model it?

It is also great role modelling for your kids to see you manage your workload and your time in a way that does not stress you out.  They really do need to see you learn how to stop being busy. You are the person they will emulate and what a great skill to teach them to manage their busy-ness healthily.

If you glorify rushing around having a mad to-do list and never taking time to rest they will see busy as a positive thing. They will also very likely try and please you buy being busy themselves too.

We need to encourage rest and balance in our children and the very best way to do this is to role model it – so let’s show them how to stop being busy today.


how to stop being busy


We need to show kids how to stop being busy and teach them how to slow life down

We need to be able to say NO when they ask are you busy?

Yes showing how we relax day today will have THE biggest of impacts on kids. you might also like a look at my post on time management for kids



My book 365 days of calm is a great way to encourage kids to slow down, relax more and be less busy


calm kids


Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

James Baldwin


how to stop being busy


How to Stop Being Busy & How mental clarity helps you on the path

When you take up more than you can handle and it is ultimately stressing you out, things, even important ones, merely become a distraction for you. Letting go of those unnecessary tasks can feel amazingly refreshing and can help you reach a level of mental clarity like nothing else.

Slowly and steadily, it becomes your lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at how embracing minimalism in every area of your life can help you achieve that level of peace and happiness in your life that nothing else possibly can.


. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci


are you busy?

How to Stop Being Busy


My busyness / busy-less resolutions for how to stop being busy

I have tried, as this new year has come around, to put less on my daily to-do lists. My aim is to timetable my tasks in so  I am less busy, less flustered and less stressed. I aim to be more fully present in the evenings with my children and my partner. 

This year I not longer want to be constantly too busy for quality and quantity time with them,  I don’t find this at all easy yet but it is a new habit and one I am going to work on till it becomes my norm. We need all learn how to stop being busy so we don’t forget to have a life and we need to stop being so busy that we have no joy.


becky goddard-hill

In order to change things, we have to change things.

Good luck at learning how to stop being busy. It may be one of the very best life decisions you ever make

 Make time to be unbusy and give your buzzy brain a break by learning how to stop being busy all the time


Are you busy all the time? We must take the time to learn how to stop being busy


“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

Has ever a truer word been said on how to stop being busy?


are you busy?


Gardening can teach you how to stop being busy

There is a lot to be said for slowing down and smelling the roses ( or the herbs) have a look at my post on the easiest herbs to grow and see if this is something you could do to help you slow down thyme ( spelling error intended!  How to stop being buys – go work in the garden it is absolutely pure pleasure. people have known this forever and Voltaire in Candide made this the entire point of his book.

no wonder gardeners are such very relaxed people they know just how to stop being busy

Give it a try – nothing makes you more pleasantly tired than learning how to stop being busy




How to stop being busy



Are you busy? Books that can help you learn How to Stop Being Busy

A couple of great books on how to stop being busy they may just help you along your journey to this new state of being



Relax and stop being so busy


How to Relax: Stop Being Busy, Take a Break and Get Better Results While Doing Less by Martin Meadows

This book will teach you how to step away from noise, relax and recharge your batteries so you have enough left in you to control your life. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

– why rituals create your life and how to develop a proper morning routine to ensure a calm mind.

– 3 main stress management techniques for recharging you’re probably not aware of that will also help you learn how to stop being busy . They can make you well-rested or, if you disregard them, extremely exhausted.


How to Stop being busy and thrive


Busy – how to thrive in a world of too much – Tony Crabbe

In Busy, Tony Crabbe debunks the myth that satisfaction at work comes from getting everything done.

Instead, he demonstrates that what will enable you to thrive is regaining a sense of mastery over your life, focusing on making an impact, engaging with loved ones and creating the momentum necessary to make changes.


How to stop being busy with a simple approach

Break Your Busy – Set Your Creativity Free: A Disruptively Simple Approach to Better Life and Time Management. Stop Procrastination and Be More Effective

In Break Your Busy you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Synchronise your life’s work to serve you
  • Make time to change your life
  • Achieve more by doing less
  • Focus on what matters to you most
  • Be more productive, efficient and effective
  • Stop procrastination for good
  • Consistently reach your goals

Wow, now wouldn’t all that just be absolutely amazing! How to stop being busy whilst still achieving absolutely loads


Are you busy enough not to read!

Surely you aren’t too busy to read these fab books on how to stop being busy! reading is one of the most chilled out and relaxing things you can do and a brilliant pathway to learning how to stop being busy.


are you busy?


Creating in a room of your own in a quest on how to stop being busy

You might want to create a She Shed for the winter months to give you somewhere all of your own to read in


10 Quotes on how to stop being busy

Anyone too busy to say thank you will get fewer and fewer chances to say it.     

Harvey Mackay


Smart, busy women lose big when they don’t put themselves in their schedules. Does your me-time and time for self-care show up in your calendar?


If you are too busy to develop your talents, you are too busy.

Julia Cameron


“To do two things at once is to do neither.” – Publilius Syrus


Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

John Lennon


how to stop being busy


More quotes on how to stop being busy


Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Do you ask yourself what you want to do or what you have to do? There’s a big difference.


“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.” – David Allen


We can keep ourselves so busy, fill our lives with so many diversions, stuff our heads with so much knowledge, involve ourselves with so many people and cover so much ground that we never have time to probe the fearful and wonderful world within… By middle life most of us are accomplished fugitives from ourselves.

John W. Gardner


How to slow down

You just have to do it as the Nike slogan says ( but not perhaps in the way they meant) Just put in your diary blocks of time that are FREE and do not fill them up with anything. You have to prioritise slowing down if you want to learn how to stop being busy


Over to you – what are your thoughts on how to stop being busy?

So look yourself in the mirror and ask that question – are you busy? What do you do in the quest of how to stop being busy?


how to stop being busy

Please share your tips on how to stop being busy with me in the comments below, as you know and as I always say  I do love to hear from you


More advice from some savvy bloggers on how to stop being busy

I asked a number of my blogger friends the question too and here is their advice on how to stop being busy

Lisa from The Family Ticket says:
I find planning my week out in my Diary really helps me organise my workload. That way I seem less busy because I know what’s coming.

Liane from The Anklebiters adventures says:

Just chill and know that everything doesn’t have to get done in one day !
Break down what you have to do with manageable deadlines www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk
Ayse from Coffee and cwtches says

Write a list and mark the most important of urgent. Get those done and take the rest easily.


Carolin from Mummy Alarm says

We’ll always be busy but I think if you find an organisational method that works for you, you will have more time for what’s important and feel less stressed. I also find that learning to say ‘no’, really helps. You don’t have to justify for saying ‘no’ either. Simply say, ‘Sorry, I can’t do this at this at this point in time’. It always leaves you an open door to come back to it later.
Jen from Style brief says
Single Task! Multi-tasking is great but if we want to be really focused and increase productivity (giving us more free time) we need to learn how to single task. Do one job very well until it’s finished, and minimise the distractions.

Even more tips on how to stop being busy …

Rosie from Mum in the Moment says 
Stop saying yes to anything that fills you with dread. Only do what is right for you and your family and things will start to feel a little clearer.
Becka from Mummyest2014
Just say no…we often have this built-in ‘guilt’ if we say no to someone. But we need to remember that we deserve self-care and to say no means protecting ourselves and our own physical and mental health.
Lucy from The Parent Game says
Make lists. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and do a bit of everything without feeling like you’ve really achieving anything. If you can tick off a list it helps keep you focused and motivated, because you can see how much you’ve done. You can also prioritise your more pressing tasks, even the ones you would rather forget! Having a list of everything you’ve done also makes it easier to give yourself permission to rest and take a break.
Louise from Pink Pear Bear says
Take a tech free break. Block out a weekend in your calendar, go somewhere really remote and just be unreachable! I genuinely think that’s the only way I could not be busy! 🙂
Rebecca at The Grey Home says
I write a list on a Sunday of things I want to achieve each day. Starting with the most important, once they’re ticked off that’s it’s for the day!
Vicki from Blossom Education says:

It’s important to prioritise your to-do list. We all have them that have a million tasks on them. Step back and think to yourself, “If I don’t do this one, will the world fall apart?” Only do the vital things when you’re time-pressured and ensure you make time for yourself too.


And even more tips on how to stop being busy (everyone has an opinion on this)


Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine says

Start saying no to more things. Whether that’s a favour for someone which you just don’t want to do (and really they should do themselves… we all have those people in our lives!), or working for ‘free’ to review some piece of tat worth a fiver, the moment you start valuing your own time properly and saying ‘no, I’m afraid I can’t do X’ you’ll free up so much time.


Jade from https://liveablissfullife.com says

Track your time so you can discover where exactly your time is going. Sometimes, we feel like we’re so busy that we’re running around trying to accomplish something, but time tracking shows we haven’t actually done much.

For example, I discovered that whilst I spend a lot of time on FB doing digital marketing, I spend double the amount of time I need because I get distracted with my newsfeed. Armed with that info, I now can adjust my time and expectations accordingly.


Jennie from www.ricecakesandraisins.co.uk says

Write down all of the commitments you have each week. Can any of them dropped? Do you enjoy all of them? For example, I was going to a weekly class but when I really thought about it, I was making myself go each week because I thought I should. Once I dropped the class I had a whole extra evening each week!


Becky from family budgeting say s  Find out how to find a cheap hairdresser – you can’t be busy whilst having your hair done!


All such brilliant advice on how to stop being busy – thanks so much, everyone!


How to Stop Being Busy


How to stop being busy by saying ‘I am too busy’

Saying you are too busy can sound very rude. Qualify it first with ‘You know that sounds great and I would have loved too but unfortunately…. ‘ letting people down gently makes them feel less like they are bottom of your priority list.


FAQ on how to stop being busy

What to do when you have finally stopped being busy? This is the one question EVERYONE asks when you say hey slow down and stop being so very busy

  • Watch a movie
  • read a book
  • have a long hot bath
  • call a friend
  • Play a board game with your kid
  • Sit in the gardens and just listen
  • Look at an old photo album
  • Have a nap
  • Take a trip down memory lane


How to stop being busy – My favourite ways to slow down

Travel is one of my most favourite ways to slow down – it is hard to do much when you are on holiday.

Do share your favourites ways to slow down when you have learned how to stop being busy  and taken the chance to relax


How to Stop Being Busy


Final thoughts on how to stop being busy

I do hope you have enjoyed my post on how to stop being busy. You may also enjoy my posts on How to find the silver lining  and How to be more content

You might also like my posts on calm – How to calm down and activities to help kids calm down




  1. February 9, 2019 / 2:21 pm

    Some great tips here. I seem to find myself incredibly busy lately but not productive busy. I took a step back and sat down and actually thought about my priorities then scheduled adequate time. I’ve too often scheduled too much in and ended up achieving nothing which just stressed me

  2. January 9, 2019 / 11:26 am

    This is a great post B, definitely lots for me to tackle I think.

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