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How to Stop Hoarding in 9 Simple Steps

How to stop hoarding in 9 simple steps – here we go. Advice that could change the life of you or someone  you love. 


How to stop hoarding

How to stop hoarding in 9 simple steps


How to stop hoarding

Do you want to know how to stop hoarding – if you do you are not alone.

I know I do and it is something I have been working on for a while.

I am finally getting there and I have learned so much along the way about what works!


So, How to Stop Hoarding? My experience

I’m not a BAD hoarder like you see on those TV shows. Yikes.

You know the ones I mean – where people can’t even get to their bed. Nope.

My home doesn’t look like that BUT I’ll be honest, my loft did and my shed did too. For some reason, my kids never ever wanted us to part with anything and we have never been strict about that. My husband too held onto desks from the days he used to work at home and broken computers from years ago when he used to use the parts in his job.

The stuff that had been cluttering up our lives was OLD and useless or definitely never going to be re-used by us.


How to Stop Hoarding in 9 Simple Steps


Why do we hoard & how to stop hoarding

So why on earth were we holding on to it?

I had read books about decluttering but never seem to get on with it just muse it all over.

Then, one day I had a bit of epiphany. I realised the whys and wherefores were never going to make much difference to our situation and a bit like dieting I could read articles about it forever but ultimately just had to do it.

So we are now well into our decluttering journey and I wanted to share my top how to stop hoarding tips with you.

Wouldn’t you love a clean clear space like this?

How to stop hoarding has to be underlined by why you want to stop hoarding



How to Stop Hoarding now

  1. Have a really clear picture in your mind what you will use the space for once you have decluttered it. Keep this image as your goal.
  2. Get bags and boxes ready – if you have nowhere to put your stuff to get rid of you won’t get rid.
  3. Carve out some time to really get started – a few days off work or maybe a weekend.
  4. Get in the snacks/food you need so you aren’t tempted to take breaks to go to the shop.
  5. Rope in whoever you can to help. A fresh pair of eyes will help you see and willing hands will help you do.
  6. Devise a playlist that will entertain you and keep you energised as you declutter
  7. Consider where to  hire a company to remove everything you throw out Having this pre-arranged will seriously motivate you.
  8. Have a completion date in mind. You don’t want this to drank on endlessly and it will keep you busy and focussed to have an end date in mind.
  9. Plan a reward for when it is done – maybe a lovely meal, or a spa day?


A hoarding disorder

Do pop over and have a look at what the NHS have to say about hoarding too and their advice on how to stop hoarding too.


how to stop hoarding


Taking action is the key to how to stop hoarding

You’ve got this. You literally just need to do it –  action is the key to stop hoarding


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I hope you have enjoyed my post on how to stop hoarding in 9 simple steps and that it helps!


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