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How to Stop Mindless Snacking

 How to stop mindless snacking – let’s take a look.


How to stop mindless snacking

How to stop mindless snacking


How to stop mindless snacking – 5 effective ways

Are you looking for ways how to stop mindless snacking? If you are this article could really help you out. Pull up a chair, get yourself comfy and let’s tackle this tricky issue.

One of the biggest challenges most of us face when we take the first step towards healthy eating is to control the mindless munching and snacking that we often give in to every day. Think about it- that constant munching on a bag of chips while watching back-to-back episodes of that new Netflix show isn’t helping right?

Thankfully, we have something to help. Keep reading to discover 5 super effective ways to tackle mindless snacking and stay on track with your healthy eating routine!


How to stop mindless snacking

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Out of Sight is that How to Stop Mindless Snacking?

The simplest and most practical way how to stop mindless snacking even when you’re not actually hungry is to not have any snacks at all! Out of sight, out of mind- it’s that simple! In fact, experts believe that when you see food, you’re more likely to eat it. Oh, this is so true for me, what about you. is it the same for you?

On your next trip to the supermarket, why don’t you try really hard to resist the urge to grab those munchies and even if you must, get your hands on some plain popcorn seeds (skip the buttered variety) or puffed rice instead- both of these make for healthy and light snack options. Keep healthy and nutritious foods handy- fresh fruits do the trick! And fresh fruit looks so very pretty too doesn’t it. It makes me feel helathier just by seeing it sat there so colourfully on my kitchen table.


Practise Mindfulness – that is how to stop mindless snacking

Practising mindfulness on a daily basis has many benefits, and they go way beyond helping you tackle the evening snacking that’s been ruining your attempts to stick to healthy eating. You’ll also be able to savour your food and enjoy it with all your senses, as opposed to just gobbling it down while watching a YouTube video. Studies have also found how mindful eating can help your body get the best out of the food that you’re eating, which is another plus!


How to stop mindless snacking

How to stop mindless snacking

Switch Smart

Make smart switches when it comes to serving size- with the help of your plates! A super effective way to reduce your portion sizes (especially when it comes to snacking) is to use smaller plates instead of larger ones. Big plates tend to make your food portions look small, which is why you’re more likely to overeat.


Timing Your Meals is How to Stop Mindless Snacking

You already know how planning out your meals beforehand can help you stick to your healthy eating routine, and now here, it gets taken up a notch. When you (and your brain) know that there is a food plan to stick to, you’ll be less likely to indulge and binge eat and will be more mindful around snacks. Now that would be a result, wouldn’t it!

Take it a step further and time your meals. Instead of allowing yourself to eat for as long as you want to, set a timer for say 15 minutes to finish up your plate and get back to what you’ve been doing. This again keeps you from eating more than what your body needs which is absolutely what you should be aiming for.

How to stop mindless snacking

How to stop mindless snacking


How to stop mindless snacking by unplugging

Last, but definitely not the least, make sure you’re never ever watching anything while you eat. I know it is tempting to do so and can feel relaxing but just – stop! Stay away from your gadgets and devices when you’re fueling your body, and embrace mindful eating at its truest. Several studies have found how people are more likely to eat (and even overeat) when they’re watching something, playing a computer game or even just scrolling through their Instagram feed. The longer the distraction, the more likely you are to overeat.

In contrast, when you unplug choose to eat mindfully, you’ll be able to make conscious food choices, and will also end up feeling full faster. And this is a brilliant way to lose weight without even trying to. I love it when the solution to a tricky problem is actually super simple, don’t you!


How to stop mindless snacking step by step

Following these simple tips will help ease your transition into mindful eating, which will not just help you keep your weight in check, but also improve your overall health in more ways than one. Stick to at least 3 of them consistently to build up a habit, and once you get there, there’s no looking back! New habits take a while to kick in but do it day after day afer day till it’s just what you do!


 How to stop mindless snacking


Further reading on how to stop mindless snacking

I hope these tips on how to stop mindless snacking have proved to be really useful to you.  I have a great post on mindful eating and how it can bring health and happiness into your life over on my East Simply blog if you would like to check that out – I also have a load of great recipes over there so what are you waiting for!

I also have a really useful post on how to practice mindful eating when you are out as I don’t know about you but I find when dining out my eating habits, my good ones at any rate simply seems to go out the window!


A book that helps with How to Stop Mindless Snacking

I also have a great post on this blog about a book I reviewed called Here and Now which gives an introduction to mindfulness if you fancy a read of that – it is full of lots of simple tips and techniques that really make mindfulness a whole lot clearer and stop it from being quite such a confusing concept – which, lets be honest, it really can seem to be.



How to stop mindless snacking


How to stop mindless snacking – Over to you

As you know I absolutely love to hear your thoughts and ideas so if you do have anything to add on this subject of how to stop mindless snacking and encourage mindful eating then please do leave me a comment below. It is so much easier to lose weight when you eat with awaremess and it is healthier way to do it too and one that can become  a great habit. It really does make sense to give this a good go. 


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